‘Padma Gokhra’ with eggs recovered from Bobby campus

‘Padma Gokhra’ with eggs recovered from Bobby campus
‘Padma Gokhra’ with eggs recovered from Bobby campus

There has been a snake scare in Barisal University campus. In the meantime, Bangabandhu Hall Provost Arif Hossain said that a Padma Gokhra snake, about 6 feet long, was recovered from inside the campus.

He said that around 12 o’clock on Thursday, I got to know about the location of the snake near the hall through the staff of Bangabandhu Hall. The students also informed them. After going to the spot and seeing some signs including holes, Sapured was informed.

He said that in the afternoon, a snake came from Patuakhali and dug a hole in the west side of Bangabandhu Hall’s office and rescued the snake, approximately 5-6 hands long. Besides, about 8-10 eggs were also recovered. Sapure said that the snake was laying eggs from that hole.

The eggs were moved away and the snake went away with it. While leaving, he said that the snake found was a poisonous snake of the Padma Gokhara breed.

He said, the place where our university campus is located on the banks of the Kirtankhola river was a place as low as a bill. There were also some old, abandoned houses. Also, there are different types of water bodies in the vicinity, including forests and ponds. So students often see snakes in this campus. However, such a big snake has not been seen recently.

He said, besides keeping the campus clean, we have thoughts of using carbolic acid.

In this regard, the proctor of the university. In Khurshid Alambalan, snake infestation is already present in the campus. There is some fear among students about this. But we insist on keeping the campus clean. Also the idea of ​​using carbolic acid has been considered.

Meanwhile, the students said that the snake was approximately 5 and a half feet long and there were more than a dozen eggs in the hole. which was recovered in Sapur.

They said, due to the fear of snakes, one has to be very cautious in walking around the campus after evening, and now seeing this poisonous snake, snake fear has spread among everyone.

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