Any hospital-diagnostic center will not be exempted if irregularities are found

Any hospital-diagnostic center will not be exempted if irregularities are found
Any hospital-diagnostic center will not be exempted if irregularities are found

Chittagong: Chittagong District Civil Surgeon said that any hospital-diagnostic center will not be exempted if there are irregularities. Elias Chowdhury.

He said this in an exchange meeting with journalists at the Civil Surgeon’s office on Thursday (September 1) afternoon.

He said, from now the registration number of the hospital diagnostic center should be written on the signboard. Even the QR code should be placed on the signboard with the required information. The health department has given instructions to put up new signboards within the next 15 days.

We have given weeks, 10 days to some organizations. so that it can be corrected. If they are not corrected then I will take permanent action. The Civil Surgeon can close any establishment at will. But we don’t want to be harsh against any institution. Since many people are involved in these institutions. Again, it does not mean that they will be exempted if they make irregularities. If any irregularities are found in the institution, no discount will be given.

In the meeting, Civil Surgeon spoke about dengue, malaria and diarrhea situation in Chittagong.

Dr. Ilyach Chowdhury said, judging by the population, the diarrhea situation in Chittagong is not that bad. Then when all the patients are coming from the same area, we report the matter to IEDCR. A team investigated the matter and visited the spot. The investigation team said that the overall situation of the area is suitable for water borne diseases.

Although nothing alarming has happened in Chittagong regarding malaria, the Civil Surgeon has urged to be more aware about dengue.

He said that the City Corporation has taken various initiatives to control dengue malaria. But there are certainly questions about his results. Whatever the initiative, individual awareness should be raised. Be especially careful with children. Because 47 out of 154 dengue patients this year are children.

A team led by the Civil Surgeon conducted raids in various areas of the city on Thursday as well. On this day, three institutions were inspected and no irregularities were found.

Bangladesh Time: 1813 hours, September 01, 2022

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