If I have no action then go to report : Newbie SP of Sylhet

If I have no action then go to report : Newbie SP of Sylhet
If I have no action then go to report : Newbie SP of Sylhet

New Superintendent of Police (SP) of Sylhet district Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mamun said, I am the guardian of the family of 1 thousand 800 policemen of Sylhet district. Please inform me first if you notice any anomaly in any member of this huge family. I will try to resolve the issue by investigating on my channel. If I have no action, go to report.

He said these things during an exchange of views with journalists working in Sylhet in the conference room of the District Police Superintendent’s office on Thursday around 2 pm.

At this time, he also said, I have come here with the responsibility of a few days. SPs come, go. I will prioritize your professional relationship with me. Good personal relations may be formed with many for the sake of work. But professional relationship will prevail in professional matters.

The new police superintendent said that if the police-journalist work together, it is possible to eliminate the disharmony of the society. You will cooperate with information. We will strive to provide the highest service. My office will be open at all times to serve the people. You will criticize constructively if there is any deviation in the safety of life and property of the people of the district, maintaining peace and order and fulfilling the duties assigned by the government. Also, I hope you will evaluate my work properly.

SP said, there may be misunderstanding with many people due to work. But I hope no personal animosity will arise.

Sylhet Press Club President Iqbal Siddiqui, General Secretary Abdur Rashid Renu, Senior Journalist Al-Azad, Electronic Media Journalists Association (Imza) President Moin Uddin Manju, General Secretary Maruf Ahmad and various print, online and electronic media journalists working in Sylhet were present in the exchange meeting.

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