30 OMS rice in Rajshahi city, 15 rupees in villages

30 OMS rice in Rajshahi city, 15 rupees in villages
30 OMS rice in Rajshahi city, 15 rupees in villages

Rajshahi: Rice sale program has been inaugurated in Rajshahi through food friendly and OMS program. Under this, like other places in the country, from Thursday (September 1), rice will be available in Rajshahi at the rate of Tk 30 per kg in the city corporation and municipal areas and Tk 15 per kg at the union level.

The OMS program was officially inaugurated at Hargram Union Parishad of Rajshahi’s Paba Upazila at 10 am on this day.

Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner GSM Zafrullah inaugurated the program.

In the chief guest’s speech, Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner GSM Zafrullah said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is known as the mother of humanity, is appreciated all over the world today through her small initiatives. He has already presented his and the country’s position in the world court. Prime Minister is running the country with foresight and prudence when the whole world is worried about food security. Various effective measures are being taken to alleviate the suffering of common people. That is leadership.

Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner said, today some say that there is no food stock in the country. It’s not right. Has the highest reserves in memory. Taking advantage of the global crisis, some vested interests are trying to steal the benefits.

Stating that the activities are being monitored all the time from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Divisional Commissioner said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working tirelessly to build Bangabandhu’s Sonar Bangla. Soon Bangabandhu’s golden Bangladesh will be. He wished everyone to participate in the fight to reach a developed country by 2041.

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Food was present as a special guest in the inauguration ceremony. Salma Mumtaz He said that the food friendly program has been running since 2016. Under this program, humanitarian Prime Minister is giving rice to 50 lakh people in the country through subsidy in disaster situation all over the world. You have no reason to worry. The country still has the highest food reserves. Due to the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister, Bangladesh is better than other countries in the world and will remain better.

Organized by Rajshahi District Administration and Food Department, Rajshahi District Commissioner presided over the event. Abdul Jalil.

Rajshahi Regional Food Controller Farooq Hossain Patwari and District Food Controller Dildar Mahmud spoke as special guests in both the opening ceremonies conducted by Paba Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Lasmi Chakma.

Mayor of Rajshahi Nowhata Municipality spoke at the opening ceremony of OMS program. Hafizur Rahman Hafiz.

At that time, Panel Mayor-1 Azizul Haque and other councilors of the municipality were present there.

Hargram Union Parishad Chairman Abul Kalam Azad gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the food-friendly program.

In the event, it was informed that under the initiative of the Ministry of Food, 50 lakh poor people of the country will be given 30 kg of rice per month at 15 taka per kg under the food friendly program. In city corporation and municipal areas, 10 kg of rice will be provided through open market sale (OMS) at the rate of Tk 30 per kg. Besides, edible oil, sugar and lentils will be provided at affordable prices through Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB). This food-friendly program will continue for two months in September and October. Under this program, 7 lakh 76 thousand consumers in Rajshahi division will be given rice at a low price. 81 thousand 400 people will be given in the district.

Bangladesh Time: 2028 hours, September 01, 2022

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