It took a week for Russian oil to reach Chittagong

It took a week for Russian oil to reach Chittagong
It took a week for Russian oil to reach Chittagong

As an example, Russian crude oil arrived at Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport on August 25. It took a whole week for this oil to reach Eastern Refinery (ERL) in Chittagong for testing.

This sample reached Chittagong last Wednesday afternoon. It was formally handed over to the ERL authorities on Thursday. Testing will begin from Sunday to confirm whether this crude oil can be refined in Bangladesh or not. However, many people think that it takes a week to reach the port city of Chittagong from Dhaka airport, which is one of the most talked about oil in recent times.

Despite the direct instructions of the Prime Minister himself, various obstacles are being created to bring Russian oil. Some say that this oil has high levels of sulfur which cannot be refined in Bangladesh. In such a situation, even after a week of oil samples arriving in a country, tests have not started, many questions have been created in the public mind.

In this regard, a top official of BPC told reporters on condition of anonymity that a Russian state-owned oil supplier wants to export oil to Bangladesh. For this purpose they sent their crude oil samples to BPC for testing. Recently arrived at Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport by air. The shipment was delivered to the Eastern Refinery (ERL) in Chittagong on Wednesday morning by the officials of the Russian company’s local agent.

Meanwhile, the BPC official also said that several Russian private fuel oil suppliers have sent proposals to BPC to supply fuel at a low price. The matter is being considered by the authorities.

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