Railway’s objection regarding the height of the overbridge has not been resolved even in 3 years

Railway’s objection regarding the height of the overbridge has not been resolved even in 3 years
Railway’s objection regarding the height of the overbridge has not been resolved even in 3 years

Chittagong: Three years ago, the CDA started the process of installing the overbridge at a height of seven and a half meters on the advice of the Railways. But suddenly the railway broke down.

Such a picture is of the overbridge under construction on the railway line in Faujdarhat area of ​​Bayezid Link Road. The railway authority’s change of decision has put the Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) in jeopardy. Even after three years, no solution has come. As a result, the work is stopped. CDA claims that they have to pay for the inefficiency of the railway authorities. However, the railway authorities are not willing to comment on this right now.

According to CDA sources, in 1997 Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) undertook the construction project of 6.4 km road at a cost of Tk 40 crore. At that time, a two-lane overbridge was constructed, but it was closed before the work was completed. Later, under the new plan, the Bayezid link road was upgraded to four lanes in 2016 at a cost of about Tk 320 crore. Meanwhile, the work of four lanes of the project will be completed by 2020, but the new overbridge of the railway line has not been completed, so traffic is not returning to speed. CDA constructed 7.5 meter high pillars for bridge construction on railway line. But the railway authorities decided the height of the overbridge to be 8.5 meters while preparing the plans for future double container trains. This hampered the completion of the project. CDA officials complained to the Cabinet Secretary besides the inter-ministerial meeting without getting any solution regarding the height in three years.

It can be seen on the surface, three railway lines have gone in Faujdarhat area of ​​Bayezid Link Road. One of these is at the CGPY yard of Chittagong port (railway connected to the port) and the other two are on the Dhaka-Chittagong route. The construction of pillars 4, 5, 6 and 7 has been completed for the construction of overbridges on these three railway lines. But no girders were installed.

Chief Engineer of CDA Kazi Hasan Bin Shams told BanglaNews, We launched this project in 2017. The previous year this height was six and a half meters. In 2018, its height increased to seven and a half meters. Taking seven and a half meters, we have worked on both sides. But in 2020, they (Railways) increased the height again by one meter to eight and a half meters for double container trains. We cannot suddenly increase the height. 20 to 25 years ago there are double track trains in Europe-America. Because of incompetence, incompetence, they rise to different heights every year. Not only here, to implement such a decision of the Railways, 99 percent of the country’s bridges will have to be demolished. If these works are not approved, as the tunnel will be added in December, there will be a situation of traffic congestion.

According to the Bangladesh Railways guidelines, a height of 3.8 meters and 4.8 meters for broad gauge is required to carry a container on meter gauge railway lines. However, they sometimes set a height of 7.2 meters and sometimes 7.5 meters with time. While finalizing the plans for the double container train, the height of the overbridge has been fixed at 8.5 meters. In this case, if you want to build an overbridge, you have to work by keeping this amount of height on the part above the railway line.

In this regard, the chief engineer of the eastern region of the railway, Abu Zafar Mia, told Banglanews that the height rule for the construction of overbridges on railway lines is long ago. In order to ensure safe and smooth movement of railway lines, the height has been fixed with time. I am new joiner. We have not been informed about this by them (CDA). However, approval may not have been granted due to short height as per norms.

However, a source related to the railways said that an agreement has been reached between the CDA and the Railway East Zone for the construction of the over bridge on the railway line. In the agreement, the CDA has proposed to terminate the current project in its current state. In this case, if a railway project is taken up, the over bridge will be demolished two years earlier as per the rules.

When asked about the agreement, CDA Chief Engineer Kazi Hasan bin Shams also said that a committee consisting of the two parties has recommended the construction of the overbridge in the current state. Many people do not understand that if Chittagong is developed, the country will be developed. We were forced to inform the Cabinet Secretary. I have written a letter to the Ministry. The letter will go to the cabinet secretary after approval. The letter will then go to the Ministry of Railways. The inter-ministerial meeting recommended the permission. The deal is awaiting the approval of the Railway Minister.

Bangladesh Time: 1240 hours, September 01, 2022

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