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Hilsa | Huge amount of hilsa fish may come from Bangladesh to India dgtld

Hilsa | Huge amount of hilsa fish may come from Bangladesh to India dgtld
Hilsa | Huge amount of hilsa fish may come from Bangladesh to India dgtld

Good news for foodie Bengalis ahead of Durga Puja. Padma hilsa may come to the state within the next week. It will also be priced within the reach of the middle class. This is known from the sources of fish traders.

For the past few years, hilsa has been coming to the state before Durga Puja from Bangladesh. The fish traders of this state are importing it. Last year, it was not possible to meet the demand of buyers as Padma hilsa arrived in the state just a few days before Puja. Therefore, this time, wholesale traders have already applied for a license to import hilsa. Syed Anwar Moqsud, Secretary of Fish Importers Association, said, “This time, a letter was sent to the Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh requesting a little more time for the sale in the middle of August. The permission will be given in a few days.”

Sea hilsa from Digha, Odisha, Gujarat, and Burma reached various markets in the state. But the hilsa of the country across the Padma has a different taste. Therefore, the demand for hilsa in Bangladesh is always high in this state. Maqsud also said, “4,600 metric tons of fish were supposed to be sent last year. But due to lack of time only 1,200 metric tons of fish could be brought. This time, if the import of 1,200-1,500 metric tons of hilsa is on time, the market demand can be met. In the wholesale market, the price of Bangladeshi hilsa per kg will be between Tk 1,000-1,200.

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