‘Bangladesh has set a unique precedent in combating terrorism’

‘Bangladesh has set a unique precedent in combating terrorism’
‘Bangladesh has set a unique precedent in combating terrorism’

Home Minister Asaduzzaman eat MP said, terrorism to deal with Bangladesh unique precedent set up did. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s led by Govt of terror against always zero tolerance Policy implementation by doing is coming. on wednesday United Nations At the headquarters of the United Nations terror suppression of the department under the secretary General Vladimir Bharankov of with bilateral in the meeting these talk said he.

the third United Nations the police of the summit on the sidelines Organized the other in the meeting Home Minister Gambia Home Minister Sayaka Sonkor with the meeting do. while Bangladesh of the police Inspector General Dr. Benjir Ahmed, home Ministry of public safety department, Bangladesh the police Headquarters And At the United Nations Bangladesh of the mission official present was.

of the United Nations terror suppression of the department under the secretaryGeneral (USG) of with of meeting the time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s farsighted led by Bangladesh Govt accepted terror suppression subject different initiative And principles pick up caught Home Minister. in the future In this case mutual interests related to different about of the United Nations this of office with More intensively work by doing go also say inform he. while under the secretaryGeneral terror suppression And violent extremism in resistance Bangladesh Govt accepted different policy, initiative And of success praise do.he 2023 of the year in june to be held terrorthe opposition of organizations of chiefs upcoming highlevel At the conference Bangladesh the part to take invitation inform. global terrorism to deal with Bangladesh of the United Nations a important partner as Acknowledgment with under the secretaryGeneral in terror financing, nuclear terrorism, ability growth And technical with assistance related to in case necessary cooperation expand to do United Nations ready has says inform.

Gambia Home Minister with bilateral in the meeting Two ministers United Nations peacekeeping, Rohingyas repatriation, terror suppression, disaster the risk Management etc in case two of the country in ongoing And the future cooperation with discussion do.

United Nations peacekeeping in action Bangladesh success And exemplary Introduction And of contribution Bhuyasi praise do Gambia Home Minister.he Gambia peacekeeper special by doing the police of the forces training And ability in growth Bangladesh cooperation desire do. Gambia peacekeepers ability in growth Bangladesh all kind of cooperation to do ready has says assurance give Bangladesh Home Minister.

Bangladesh of the police Inspector General Dr. Benjir Ahmed All this United Nations in peacekeeping Bangladesh of the police of contribution talk pick up caught. Gambia the police of the forces for training assistance By extension Bangladesh of the police ability about Gambian To the delegation informed do he.

Rohingya at issue special by doing of Myanmar against international in court case filed for The Gambia thank you inform Bangladesh Home Minister. he said, humane due to Bangladesh Temporarily Rohingyas refuge gave, A refuge More prolonged to do impossible. a large number Rohingya to the population humane refuge to give for Bangladesh Govt And of the people praise do Gambia Home Minister. Rohingyas repatriation accelerated to do mutual of cooperation about fruitful discussion do Two ministers.

Home Minister nation the father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birth centenary on occasion United Nations in the garden established Bangabandhu the bench And implanted the tree Inspection do.while his with was At the United Nations Engaged Bangladesh permanent representative the ambassador Muhammad Abdul muhit And Bangladesh of the police Inspector General Dr. Benjir Ahmed.

after Home Minister led by traveling representative team of New York Bangladesh Consulate Inspection do. while the minister Consulate different kind of Consular service Activities Inspection do.

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