The decision to reinstate 85 election officials appointed in 2005 is cancelled

The decision to reinstate 85 election officials appointed in 2005 is cancelled
The decision to reinstate 85 election officials appointed in 2005 is cancelled

The Supreme Court overturned the Administrative Appellate Tribunal’s decision to reinstate 85 election officials who had failed the evaluation test amid controversy after they were appointed during the four-party coalition government in 2005.

The Appellate Bench headed by Chief Justice Hasan Faiz Siddiqui ruled on Thursday by allowing the appeal of the state side. As a result, 85 dismissed people are not getting their jobs back.

Attorney General AM Amin Uddin, Additional Attorney General Sheikh Mohammad Morshed and Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Chowdhury were on the state’s side in the court hearing. And senior advocates AF Hasan Arif, Prabir Niyogi, Salah Uddin Dolan and Kamrul Haque Siddiqui appeared on behalf of the sacked election officials.

According to the case report, on September 3, 2005, during the four-party coalition government, 327 people were temporarily selected as upazila election officers through the Public Works Commission-PSC.

These officers were subjected to evaluation tests during the caretaker government in 2007 after a controversy arose over their appointment. After the assessment test, 85 of them who failed were fired on September 3 of the same year.

When the dismissed candidates filed a case against this decision, the Administrative Tribunal dismissed it on March 23, 2009. Later, the sacked officers appealed against the verdict to the Administrative Appellate Tribunal. On April 12, 2010, the Administrative Appellate Tribunal granted the appeal and ordered the reinstatement of 85 people.

The state filed four separate leave-to-appeals against the decision of the Administrative Appellate Tribunal. The Appellate Division Chamber Court on 29 April 2010 stayed the operation of the judgment of the Appellate Tribunal and referred the matter to the regular Appellate Division Bench for hearing.

Following this, the government filed a separate appeal in 2011. The hearing on the appeal made by the state ended on August 28. Following this, on Thursday, the Appellate Division ruled by canceling the order of the Administrative Appellate Tribunal.

(Dhakatimes/September 1/DM)

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