Bangladesh is not comparable to Sri Lanka-Pakistan: Tajul Islam

Bangladesh is not comparable to Sri Lanka-Pakistan: Tajul Islam
Bangladesh is not comparable to Sri Lanka-Pakistan: Tajul Islam

Local Government Minister Tajul Islam commented that Bangladesh is not a matter of comparison with Sri Lanka-Pakistan.

He said this while speaking as the chief guest at the Narayanganj City Corporation’s waste-to-electricity agreement signing ceremony at a hotel in the capital on Thursday (September 1).

The minister said, every country is not running equally. The UK has made changes to their electricity and food supplies. Many countries in Europe are not stable. No one wants to say that Bangladesh is good in this. What is our situation? How much reserve? These are global problems. They are worried about the currency status of Europe, India, Pakistan. Bangladesh is better than that. We are not worried about the way Bangladesh is progressing. Bangladesh cannot be compared with Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

He said that the issue of power generation from waste will not be limited only to Narayanganj. All the processes have started in Gazipur City Corporation too, I can start it soon. Work on South City is in progress, Chittagong City is also in the pipeline.

He said, there is a model for how the city corporation will store the waste. But Singapore tenders, from there they also profit. They do not have to pay the cost of waste management, rather they get some profit from it. Private companies collect and process the waste. The electricity department will purchase the electricity, so naturally the problem will be solved. We also want to bring municipalities and villages under waste management.

The minister said that the waste is increasing with the increase in per capita income. Now the consumption is increasing, so the waste will be more. If we cannot manage the waste till the village area then our balance will be destroyed. And it can play a role in our economy. That’s why we will do it up to the village, taking up the project in the municipality. We will cover 20-30 municipalities initially.

He also said that according to the current world situation, 600 tons of waste is needed in the production of electricity from waste, then it can play a role in the economy. The technology is constantly updating, now the technology can produce more electricity than before. If you produce more, you can contribute to the economy.


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The article is in Bengali


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