The seeds of Bangladesh-China relations were sown by Bangabandhu-Chou Enlai: Chinese Councillor

The seeds of friendly relations between Bangladesh and China were sown by the founder of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and the founder of China, Chou Enlai, said Liu Yeo, the Chinese cultural and educational affairs councilor assigned to Bangladesh.

He made this comment in an online seminar organized in Dhaka on Tuesday (August 30).

Bangladesh China Alumni Association (ABCA) organized this seminar on ‘Remembrance of Bangabandhu’s Life: Early Contact between Bangabandhu and Prime Minister Chou Enlai, the Foundation of Bangladesh-China Relations’.

Recalling the role of Bangabandhu in achieving the freedom of the people of Bangladesh and the outstanding contribution of the country’s founding prime minister Enlai to the development and progress of China, Yeo said, “We pay sincere respect to the two leaders.”

Chou Enlai was the head of government of the Republic of China from October 1949 to January 1976; That is, he led the country and served the country till his death.

Yeo said we will move our vision forward and play a role in strengthening and strengthening the relationship between the two countries in all fields including education and culture.

Analyzing the good relationship between Bangabandhu and Enlai, he commented that these two legendary leaders created an atmosphere of mutual love and cooperation. Which played a positive role in the development and progress of this entire region.

He said that the similarity between the two leaders was that both of them played a role in protecting and developing their country with a big goal in mind. And that is to revive the nation.

Expressing his promise to protect and strengthen the relationship that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Chou Enlai built in the future, Yeo said, “We will nurture this seed, water it and strengthen the seed of this relationship in the future.”

Referring to the diplomatic relations between the two countries that were officially established 47 years ago, he said that the foundation of the two friendly countries is actually much older. We will treat each other more cooperatively and develop together.

Referring to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s speech on the 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China in July last year, Yeo said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised to take the strategic relationship between the two countries to a new level.

He said that Bangladesh and China should work together for the sake of national and regional peace, security, stability and development. Which Hasina mentioned in her speech.

The seminar was presided over by Ambassador Munshi Faiz Ahmed and Abka General Secretary Prof. Dr. Sahabul Haque gave the opening speech. Dr. Mohammad Abul Kawshar delivered the keynote speech at the Swapan Seminar. Bangabandhu Chair of Bangladesh University of Professors and Professor Dr. Syed Anwar Hossain attended the seminar as the chief guest.

Dr. Anwar Hossain pointed out that the content of the seminar is very excellent and research-like, and that China’s long-term experience has a lot of value in the development of Bangladesh. And Bangabandhu, the leader of the people of Bangladesh and a very talented politician, was able to understand it well.

He said, these two leaders were born during a period of extreme transition in their respective countries and grew up and matured through various setbacks.

Anwar Hossain said, both of them were able to identify very well the things needed for the development of their country. He also commented that Bangladesh can benefit a lot from China in the field of agriculture.

In the closing speech of the seminar, Munsi Faiz said, Bangabandhu traveled to many countries of the world during his lifetime. But why did he write a book only about China (Aar Dekha Naya China). It is very significant.

He said, in reality, Bangabandhu realized that the development of war-torn Bangladesh would be easier by utilizing China’s vast experience.

Associate Professor of China’s Zhengzhou University. Mohammad Ashraful Alam and Abka advisor Mohammad Shamshul Haque also addressed the seminar. The seminar was also attended by the joint editor Dr. AAM Mujahid and Maruf Hasan, Finance Secretary Dr. Md. Rasheduzzaman and office secretary Dr. Md. Shibli Noman.

The article is in Bengali

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