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People at home suffer from traffic jams in the capital

People at home suffer from traffic jams in the capital
People at home suffer from traffic jams in the capital

Dhaka: The office is closed. It has started the movement of people towards the house.

The rush of passengers and pedestrians has increased on the road to return home a little earlier. At the same time, educational institutions are also closed. Due to this, traffic jams are created on various roads of the capital.

On Wednesday (August 31), traffic jams were seen on various roads in the capital.

Heavy traffic has been created in the areas of Khilkhet, Kuril, New Bazar, Rampura, Malibagh through Uttara, Azampur Airport Road of the capital. Meanwhile, the movement of passengers and pedestrians returning to the office on Khilkhet Airport road from Mohakhali, Banani-Kakli through Ramna, Moghbazar, Satrasta has increased. The number of public transport is also seen on this road.

At the end, Abdul Halim left the office for home. He works in a private company in Caravan Bazaar.

He said that the office is running in the new office hours. But the road traffic has not decreased. Earlier, the traffic jam started at 8 am, now the traffic jam starts at 7 am. And when the office is off, earlier the traffic jam started from 5 pm, now the traffic jam starts from 3:30 pm. On an average, there is traffic jam on the roads of the capital from dawn till night.

Motorcyclist Mithun said that his house is in Sector 11, Uttara. He works in Gulshan. He has to suffer from traffic every day even though it is a holiday. Meanwhile, there is always traffic jam from airport to Uttara. Because the bus rapid transit project is going on there. It takes more than an hour to pass this place.

Numerous passengers and pedestrians were seen waiting for public transport in Mohakhali-Banani area after the office holiday. After a while the public transport is coming. Some can get up and some can’t. Passengers and pedestrians have suffered a lot.

Public transports are also coming loaded with passengers. So less number of passengers can board public transport from this area.

Pedestrian Md. Roknuzzaman said that the capital’s major problem is traffic congestion. It has been going on for a long time. If this problem is not solved, no one can improve.

He said, meanwhile, the price of oil has increased, and the fare of public transport has also increased. Along with that, the price of everything has increased. All in all, life is slowly becoming miserable.

Bangladesh Time: 1627 hours, August 31, 2022

The article is in Bengali

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