Niloy-Mahir’s ‘Long Distance Girlfriend’

Niloy-Mahir’s ‘Long Distance Girlfriend’
Niloy-Mahir’s ‘Long Distance Girlfriend’

Niloy Alamgir and Samira Khan Mahi are two popular actors of this period of TV dramas. They have teamed up in a new single play. The name of the play is ‘Long Distance Girlfriend’. Written by Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu, it is directed by Osman Miraj.

The director of the play, Osman Miraj, told Dhaka Times, ‘I made the play thinking about the entertainment of the audience. The effort is worth it if the audience likes it.’

Niloy Alamgir said, ‘The script and screenplay of the play is very interesting. The play is mainly created to entertain the audience. Hope the audience will like it. And see our other works. Discuss them constructively.’

Samira Khan Mahi said, ‘Earlier I used to focus on work but now I focus more on quality. Looking back now sometimes I feel like I could have done without doing anything. And the story pattern of the play I am shooting today is completely different. The audience will get a lot of pleasure after watching the play. The problems that occur in a couple’s relationship are brought out in a funny way.’

The producer said that the drama is being shot in the capital’s Uttara for the last two days. The shooting will end today. After that the drama will be aired on a private television very soon.

(Dhaka Times/August 31/LM)

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