Health department not providing complete data on dengue: Tapas

Health department not providing complete data on dengue: Tapas
Health department not providing complete data on dengue: Tapas

Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas commented that the Department of Health is not giving the complete information of dengue patients to the Dhaka South City Corporation, as a result of which the activities to control the spread of mosquitoes are being disrupted.

After the inauguration ceremony of a pedestrian crossing bridge in Azimpur of the capital on Wednesday (August 31), he said, “We have not received complete information from the Health Department about the obstacles or difficulties that we notice. For this we have to burn a lot of wood. We have to collect this information from other places. We have to work on a daily basis; So, due to not getting this information since morning, we have to suffer, suffer and delay in carrying out our activities.”

He claimed that this time the number of dengue patients in Dhaka city is half compared to last year. According to the information of the Department of Health, a total of 196 new dengue patients were admitted to different hospitals in Dhaka from 8 am on August 29 to 8 am on August 30.

The Mayor said, ‘I have been saying since taking charge, it is also an inter-ministerial decision that the Health Department should give us complete information. What is recognized worldwide to reduce the prevalence and spread of dengue patients is to reduce or destroy the source of Aedes mosquitoes, but how to destroy if I don’t have information about the source. For this it is very important to provide the information, so I again ask the Department of Health to help us with complete information.’

He claimed, ‘If we are seeing the rate of dengue growth, we will be able to prevent the outbreak of dengue disease and the spread of Aedes mosquito.’

He said, the schedule that we have fixed for the residents of the capital has been very appreciated. They realized that this city also needed a rest. Everything needs disciplined management. That is why we have decided to close most of the shops by 8 pm.

Tapas said that earlier the shops were closed as per everyone’s wishes, due to which Dhaka residents could not spend time with their families due to their busy schedule. Now that the shops and establishments are closed at certain times, Dhaka residents can gift their families a nice time.

Mayor Tapas said that most of the shops will be closed by 8 pm. And for other institutes we have fixed different schedule. However, we will review the hospital-related drug stores in question. These dispensary deadlines may be reviewed and revised as per application and requirement.

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