Bus fare reduced by 5 paisa per kilometer

Bus fare reduced by 5 paisa per kilometer
Bus fare reduced by 5 paisa per kilometer

Bus owners and the government have rescheduled the bus fares after the price of fuel oil was reduced by Tk 5 per litre. It has been reduced by 5 paise to 2.15 paise per kilometer in long distance public transport and 2.45 taka per kilometer in Dhaka-Chittagong metropolitan area.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) held a meeting with the transport owners on Wednesday (August 31) afternoon at the BRTA head office in Banani.

Earlier, as per the proposal of BRTA in the meeting with the transport owners regarding fare coordination, the Owners’ Association also agreed to reduce the fare in public transport by 5 paise per kilometer.

According to BRTA sources, an inter-meeting was held at the BRTA office on Tuesday (August 30) regarding bus fare reduction. A proposal to reduce rent is almost finalized. After the meeting, the proposal will be sent to the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges. Only then will they take a final decision on bus fare reduction.

After the bilateral meeting, on Wednesday (August 31), Secretary General of Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association, Khandkar Enayet Ullah, said that due to the reduction of oil price by 3 rupees in 2016, we have reduced 3 paise per kilometer. This time too, due to the reduction in the price of oil by 5 taka, the rent was reduced.

At the beginning of this month, in view of the rise in the price of fuel oil, the cost of housing increased by 16 to 22 percent. Now long-distance bus fare is Tk 2.20 per kilometer, metropolitan level bus fare is Tk 2.50 per kilometer, minibus Tk 2.40 per kilometer. Before that, the fare was Tk 1.80 per kilometer in long-distance bus, Tk 2.15 in metropolitan level, and Tk 2.10 in minibus. The minimum fare is Tk 10 in bus, Tk 8 in minibus. Along with buses and minibuses, boat fares have also increased. Not only did the train fare increase.

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It may be noted that exemption from all advance tax imposed on diesel and import duty has been fixed at 5 percent instead of 10 percent two days ago. The price cut of diesel, kerosene, octane and petrol by Rs 5 per liter came into effect on Monday (August 29). At present, the price of fuel oil per liter diesel 109, octane 130, petrol 125 and kerosene 109 rupees.

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