‘No need for rice and pulses, survive by eating urea and potash’

‘No need for rice and pulses, survive by eating urea and potash’
‘No need for rice and pulses, survive by eating urea and potash’

Fertilizer is not available even after standing in a long queue at the retail shop in Thakurgaon. Sellers are selling at three times higher price, still crisis. Crop production is not possible in this way.

Satanu Chandra Singh, a marginal farmer of Baliadangi upazila, expressed his anger while standing in a queue at a fertilizer shop in Lahiri market of the upazila on Tuesday (August 30).

Sadekul and Dulal, retail fertilizer sellers in Lahiri, claim that dealers are hoarding fertilizers. We are not getting fertilizer.

Jadurani in Haripur, Lahiri in Baliadangi, Ranishankail Bandar and Bhulli Bazaar in Thakurgaon in the district can be seen. Hundreds of farmers lined up at shops.

Farmer Shri Gulten Chandra Singh said that it is not possible to produce crops for the country by buying fertilizer with so much money. Shopkeepers are selling fertilizer at higher prices despite repeated warnings from the government We are hostages.

Farmer Rahimuddin said, there is no need to eat greens, vegetables, rice and pulses They survive by eating phosphate, urea, potash. So many syndicates so that we cannot produce crops. We are tanned farmers Oppression will not be tolerated with us. Either give fertilizer at a fair price or production is not possible.

After visiting the market, farmers are standing in long queues at every fertilizer shop Still, many people are going around without getting mop fertilizer. Many are protesting out of temper. Fertilizer is being sold at 1700 taka bag for 750 taka. Such a picture in every upazila of the district.

However, to solve the fertilizer crisis in different upazilas of the district, the price list of fertilizers has been seen in some shops.

The agriculture office says there is sufficient quantity of fertilizer which is much more than the demand of farmers. There is no question of fertilizer shortage. Also, Aman has many times more fertilizer than it needs. Although some unscrupulous traders in the market have created an artificial crisis, mobile courts are being run in various shops where irregularities are found on the orders of the DC office.

However, despite conducting mobile courts and imposing fines, some unscrupulous traders are still selling fertilizer through syndicates. There is no change even after adding several fines in this regard.

Fertilizer dealer Muhammad Hasan said that there is no fertilizer shortage. Farmers are getting fertilizer as per their requirement from us.

When asked why farmers are complaining, he said, it was a temporary problem, then the price was a little higher. All is well now.

Deputy Director of Thakurgaon Agricultural Extension Department. Abdul Aziz said, there is much more fertilizer than the demand. The cry for fertilizer is artificial. It has been created. The administration is taking action in this regard.

Deputy Commissioner Mahabubur Rahman said that by creating an artificial crisis in the market, those who have stockpiled fertilizers and are selling them at higher prices are being fined. If the farmers are still oppressed then more severe punishment will be given.

Tanveer Hasan Tanu/FA/ASM

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