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Directorate of Health’s operation / 5 more illegal medical institutions were closed in the capital

The Health Department is conducting an operation to stop illegal and unregistered clinic-diagnostic centers in the country. In continuation of that, five more hospitals and diagnostic centers in the capital Dhaka have been closed today in the operation of the Directorate of Health.

They are – Health Care Urology and General Hospital located on Habibullah Road, Ibrahimpur, Holy Home, Baunia Dam area, Mirpur, Fair Nursing Home, Mirpur 11-11, Sheikh Seba Medical Hall, Mirpur Section-11 and Al Shafi Hospital, Mirpur-10.

Earlier, on the first two days of the operation, 15 institutions were closed in Dhaka city. But no one was fined. Apart from this, a total of 145 establishments have been closed in Dhaka division and a fine of Tk 1 lakh has been imposed.

This information was informed in a circular about the number of private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and blood banks closed by the Department of Health on Wednesday night.

Earlier, on the first two days of the operation, the Directorate of Health has closed 524 institutions in 8 divisions of the country including Dhaka metropolis. A fine of 9 lakh 15 thousand taka has been imposed in the raid.

Meanwhile, ICDDR, B (Udramayo Research Center, Bangladesh) has given startling information about the number of unregistered hospitals in the country. According to the organization’s research, only 6 percent of private hospitals and clinics in the country have valid registration on paper. There are also private hospitals, which have never applied for registration, about 14 percent (161).

In an event organized at ICDDR, B auditorium on Tuesday afternoon, the senior director of Maternal and Child Health Division (MCHD) presented a research data. Shams El Arefin. This study was conducted in the year 2019-20.

According to the research report, according to the 1982 law, private hospitals have to comply with seven conditions of health care. However, the private hospital authorities say that if they meet these conditions and provide health care, they have to face various obstacles, due to which there is a problem in providing quality health care.

Daoud Adnan, assistant director of the hospital branch of the Department of Health, said that if there are qualifications, private hospitals will get registration – currently there is no policy in this regard. That is why anyone can apply for registration in private hospitals. Initiatives have been taken to change the situation. This also takes a lot of time.

The article is in Bengali

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