‘Police will meet in Barisal within seven days

‘Police will meet in Barisal within seven days
‘Police will meet in Barisal within seven days

Barisal: Barisal Metropolitan Police (BMP) Commissioner commented that no one should be harassed for police clearance. Saiful Islam He also said that the police clearance certificate will be given within seven days.

He said this at the inauguration ceremony of One Stop Police Clearance Service at the temporary office of BMP Commissioner at Amtala Mor Road in Barisal Nagar on Wednesday (August 31) at 11 am.

Md. Saiful Islam said that no other money has to be spent except the government fee of five hundred taka. Poor people should easily get police services. They should not be harassed, foreign travelers should not have to visit the police station again and again. One Stop Police Clearance Service has been launched to ease the suffering of common people.

At this time he also said that police clearance is a service provided by Bangladesh Police to the people. A Clearance Certificate is generally required in case of going abroad for employment or higher studies/staying abroad.

BMP Commissioner Md. Saiful Islam said, the process of getting Police Clearance Certificate at One Stop Police Clearance Service is- First the candidate is given the code no. of Sonali Bank Corporate Branch, Barisha.
1730100012681 500 (Five Hundred) Taka Bank Treasury Challan should be collected. Later, if the bank treasury challan copy and necessary documents appear at the One Stop Police Clearance Service Dex, the designated officer will scan the documents with a scanner machine and complete the online application process. He will promptly send the application to the concerned police station and inform the applicant of the specific date for obtaining the police clearance certificate and the candidate will have to give it on the said date. If a candidate wants to collect the Police Clearance Certificate himself, he can collect it by appearing at the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Urban Special Branch), BMP, Barisal office and applying in the prescribed form.

He said that earlier, where students going abroad or studying abroad had to go to the concerned police station as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this certificate, now it will no longer be necessary. Not only for expats or students; A booth has been opened at the police commissioner’s office for all types of police certificates.

At this time he also said that many times criminals want to flee abroad after committing serious crime/terrorist activities in the country, it can be confirmed through police clearance. It is known through the police clearance whether a case is pending against a person who wants to go abroad. Also, obtaining a work permit while staying abroad often requires police clearance.

Also present were BPM, Additional Commissioner of Police Administration Sanjay Kund, Additional Commissioner of Police Crime and Operations Mohammad Enamul Haque, Deputy Commissioner of Police Headquarters Mohammad Nazrul Hossain, Deputy Commissioner of Police Supply and Logistics Md. Zulfikar Ali Haider, Deputy Commissioner of Police
(CSB) Khan Muhammad Abu Nasser, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (CSB) Runa Laila.

Bangladesh Time: 1630 hours, August 31, 2022

The article is in Bengali


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