Second day operation against Clinic-Diagnostics in Rajshahi is going on

Rajshahi’s health department has started operations against illegal clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers for the second day.

From Wednesday (August 31) morning, 12 teams have embarked on an operation in Rajshahi district and the city. There are three teams in Rajshahi metropolis.

Even today Rajshahi civil surgeon Dr. A team led by Abu Saeed Farooq went on an expedition to Lakshmipur area of ​​the city. They visit various illegal clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers to check their papers and other materials.

Meanwhile, several illegal clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers in Rajshahi were found to be open despite the closure announced on Tuesday. Rainbow Diagnostic Centre, Al Amin Diagnostic and Consultant Center and Medinova Diagnostic Center in Lakshmipur area of ​​the city were found open despite the closure announcement.

Rainbow Diagnostic Center was visited around 11 am, locked from inside and operating. However, no one opened the gate despite repeated calls after receiving the identity of the journalist.

Visiting Al Amin Diagnostic and Consultant Center, it was seen that the activities are being carried out in full swing. After introducing the journalists, they said that they opened it to give some management papers that were examined on Tuesday. After some time they closed the center and ran away. At the Medinova Diagnostic Center, their staff is standing at the main gate. However, the main gate is locked. They say it’s closed. But locals said it was open some time ago. It is now closed as the Civil Surgeon team arrives.

Rajshahi civil surgeon Dr. Abu Saeed Farooq told Jago News that the operation is going on like the second day. This operation will continue on Thursday. Establishments that have started business without applying for a license or have applied long ago and have no news and have not renewed their licenses are being identified and closed down by looking at the documents.

Regarding the opening of the clinic even after the operation, he said that during the operation on Tuesday, the people of the diagnostic and consultant center locked and ran away. So it was declared closed. But the documents were checked this morning and everything was fine. So we will allow them today. Besides, if any other establishment is open, we will write to them and close them down. Our campaign is underway. In the evening, details will be given at the end of the campaign.


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