E-ticketing is coming to Dhaka’s public transport: Enayetullah

E-ticketing is coming to Dhaka’s public transport: Enayetullah
E-ticketing is coming to Dhaka’s public transport: Enayetullah

Explaining this process, the general secretary of Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association said that there will be a pause machine at the counter, through that pause machine passengers will cut the ticket and board the vehicle.

Khandaker Enayetullah said, “For this reason, we have also discussed with a company. We will take five roads of Dhaka as a pilot project for 10 to 15 days.

“There will be a test of ticket sales of this system. If we get success in this project, we hope that the e-ticketing system will be introduced in public transport in the entire Dhaka city.”

He said these things in response to the questions of reporters after the meeting regarding rescheduling of fares of diesel-powered buses and minibuses.

Regarding the e-ticketing project, Road Transport and Highways Department Secretary ABM Aminul Ullah Noori said, “Through e-ticketing, a passenger will have enough proof. How much money did he pay to board the bus?

“Also, the owner will know how many passengers have boarded his transport and how much money has been paid.”

He said, “There is a gap between owner workers and passengers which leads to various problems and misunderstandings. We (BRTA) want everyone to come together on the path of transition.”

Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association general secretary Khandaker Enayetullah denied the issue when asked if ‘webill’ is still running on the road and if any steps have been taken to stop it.

“We have already held two meetings with the MD-Chairmen of 120 institutions in Dhaka city to remove these irregularities. Decided not to have a waybill.

“Then we had to sit down again with the owners. The owners say that after stopping Waybills, their income is one-third of what they used to get. In this they do not get the account of the passengers.”

Stating that work is going on in this regard, he said, “Our nine teams are working together with BRTA magistrates.”

The method of keeping track of passengers by setting up ‘check points’ in buses is called ‘waybill’ in the language of transport owners-workers. After passing those ‘check points’, the number of passengers is written and signed on a prescribed paper.

Meanwhile, Secretary ABM Aminullah Noori was asked whether BRTA has taken any action regarding the complaint of deducting the fare of diesel buses from the passengers of gas buses.

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