That’s why Tisha is trapped in Mushtaq’s hands

That’s why Tisha is trapped in Mushtaq’s hands
That’s why Tisha is trapped in Mushtaq’s hands

Cynthia Islam Tisha and Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed’s marriage at an unequal age is being discussed and criticized throughout the country. The couple was harassed even when they went to the Ekushe Book Fair in Dhaka.

18-year-old Tisha married 60-year-old Khandaker Mushtaq. Tisha’s family has not yet accepted this marriage. Not only that, this marriage has reached the court. The matter is still pending.

Tisha’s father Saiful Islam has made explosive allegations against his elder son-in-law. His complaint is that Mushtaq married Tisha by blackmail.

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Addressing Tisha, Baba Saiful said on Facebook live, I don’t want to see even Mushtaq’s shadow. When I hear the name of Mushtaq, my Ouju is ruined. Ammu you come back to me, if for some reason the train derails, it can be put back on the line and move forward. You come back to me, I will take legal action against Mushtaq.

He said how much hostage a girl can speak against her parents. Tisha is kept under strict restrictions, not even allowed to talk on mobile. Mushtaq sits on the side when allowed to speak.
One day my wife was saying to Tisha, if you don’t come from Mushtaq, will your life be destroyed?

In response, Tisha said, “Mom, she (Mushtaq) has many pornographic pictures of me.” If I gave the pictures, I would have kicked them away.

Tisha’s father said, Mushtaq married my daughter Tisha by blackmail. He is taking some obscene pictures and videos of my daughter. Hired 10-12 boys and took obscene pictures of my daughter. Tisha has threatened that these videos and pictures will be spread on the internet if she does not marry Mushtaq. Mushtaq told my daughter, ‘I will kill your parents if you don’t marry me’. Mushtaq forced Tisha to marry.

Tisha and Khandaker Mushtaq, eleventh grade students of Ideal School and College, Motijheel, Dhaka, were members of the governing body of that college.

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