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Bangladesh stopped Lebanon with Morsalin’s incredible goal Sunbd24


Bangladesh stopped Lebanon with Morsalin’s incredible goal

Sunbd24 reporter
Published: 2023-11-21 19:56:41

Lebanon tried to put pressure on Bangladesh in the beginning at King’s Arena. But with time, Bangladesh also attacked. But neither party could break the resistance. However, in the second half, Lebanon went ahead because of Bangladesh’s defense.

But the joy of the opponents did not last long. Bangladesh returned to the match with Sheikh Morsalin’s excellent goal within a few minutes. In the 72nd minute, he scored an incredible goal outside the D-box to equalize Bangladesh. In the end, the Bangladesh team left the field with a 1-1 draw against the strong Lebanon.

After being crushed by Australia, Bangladesh was hoping for something positive from the Lebanon match.

Javier Cabrera’s team had to be satisfied with 1 point due to wasted opportunities despite setting a goal of winning against a team that was 79 steps ahead. Although there is a lot of difference in the ranking, Bangladesh was definitely ahead in the fight on the field. In both halves of the match, the attack went back and forth. The two teams put on a beautiful display of football in a packed gallery.

In the first 10 minutes of the match, a few long-range shots by the Lebanese from outside the D-box shook Bangladesh’s defense. The counter-reply came from the hosts as well. Jamal’s attempt to keep Lebanon under pressure by keeping the ball at their feet.

The first attack on Golmukh in the 24th minute. Goalkeeper Mustafa Matar took Vishwanath Ghosh’s head from captain Jamal’s corner.

Another organized attack by the hosts in the next minute. This time, Morsalin entered the box from the left side, without getting a chance to take a shot, Sohail raised the ball towards the runner (junior), but the Lebanese defender Mohammad El Hayek came and cleared it. Bangladesh attacked again in 33 minutes. This time, Faisal Ahmed Fahim’s low cross from the right end, Morsalin stood in the face of the goal. Qassem Al Zain saved Fahim’s shot before it hit his feet.

At the end of the first half, Bangladesh went on another attack. Morsalin took a shot at Gomukh from a Faisal Ahmed cross from the right but it went over the crossbar.

Goalkeeper Mitul Marma could not enter the field in the second half due to injury. He was replaced by Mehdi Hasan Shravan. This is the young goalkeeper’s first match in the national team jersey. After returning from the break, Lebanon put pressure on Bangladesh. Karim Darwich’s shot into the box from the right side rattled the outer net.

After that, Bangladesh attacked Lebanon’s defense several times. Opportunity comes before Morsaline. But Vishwanath’s pass was a bit fast and could not keep the ball at his feet. A little later, Bangladesh coach Javier Cabrera picked up Jamal Bhuiyan and dropped Rabiul Hasan. Lebanon continued to try for goals. The visitors also got a goal in the 67th minute. Majed Osman led Lebanon in four minutes after coming on the field as a substitute. Shraban came forward to take possession of the ball when Lebanon’s two attempts on the right flank were blocked by the defence. Vishwanath went for a clearing head, so could not take possession of the ball. Instead, the ball hits his chest and goes to Majed who is standing in the gap. The striker coolly deposited the ball in the empty post.

However, Bangladesh did not take long to equalize. Sheikh Morsalin became the savior of the red-green party. Morsalin received a back pass from Lebanese midfielder Jihad Ayoub. Getting space in front and moving a little forward, his speed shot was caught in the net. The King’s Arena erupted in cheers after this youngster’s beautiful goal. Bangladesh could have won today if Morsalin had not wasted another chance at the end. Mohammad Sohail found Rana’s extended ball in space at the far post but could not send it into the net. Bangladesh had to leave the field with a draw. Bangladesh are undefeated at Kings Arena so far. Won one in four matches, drew three.


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