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Education of Salma Adil Foundation in Chittagong

Education of Salma Adil Foundation in Chittagong
Education of Salma Adil Foundation in Chittagong

Salma Adil Foundation, a voluntary social organization, has given financial assistance to poor talented students in Chittagong.

Recently, it was informed in a press release that educational assistance fund was distributed to the poor and talented SSC examinees of different schools in Chandanish and Banshkhali upazilas of Chittagong district.

Salma Adil, the founder of the social organization, said the education assistance program aims to help students overcome financial difficulties.

He said, education is the backbone of a nation. For the inclusive growth of the country’s economy, there is no alternative to supporting the backward communities in education. It is not possible to leave someone behind.

Students of Bailchari Najmunnecha High School, M Anwarul Azim Girls High School, Kalipur Ezharul Haque High School, Banigram Sadhanpur High School, Joara Khankhanabad High School, Joara BC High School, Fatenagar Sharifunnessa Nazir Uddin High School have received financial assistance under the financial assistance programme.

Abu Obaid Arafat of Banshkhali Times, Kamrul Islam, Imtiaz Uddin, Noton Deb from SAF were supporting this activity of SAF in spreading education. Among others present were school teachers and local dignitaries.

Salma Adil Foundation engages in education, social service and humanitarian activities for positive change in society.

Bangladesh Time: 1731 hours, November 21, 2023


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