Awami League’s ‘rebel’ candidates will get concessions, there are fears


According to several sources of Awami League, various institutions of the government are keeping an eye on who can be the potential independent candidates in different districts. A businessman in Barisal district collected party forms yesterday. After that, the leaders of Awami League and government agencies started to inquire about him. Because that candidate is not in the discussion of party nomination. As a result, it is also believed that he can be an independent candidate.

If a locally popular person wants to be elected as an independent candidate in a constituency, the ruling party has an initial plan not to disturb him. However, this does not mean that party chief Sheikh Hasina or any top leader of the alliance will be accepted if independent in the seat. There is also the thought of fielding an independent candidate to increase voter turnout in a BNP-dominated area.

However, several central leaders of Awami League are of the opinion that it is better not to elect office bearers of Awami League independently. Rather, people who belong to the Awami League family but are not directly involved in Awami League politics can gain importance as independent candidates. Businessmen and stars are good if they are independent. But those who come from other groups will be more welcome. You will not be welcome in your own party hall. Will not be pressured again.

Awami League party sources say that the party wants to field its own candidates in 230 seats. The rest will be released to the Allies through compromise. This time the party is expecting to win 180-200 seats. There is no problem if the rest are independent.

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