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Offensive audio of Whip Atiur with school teacher goes viral!

Offensive audio of Whip Atiur with school teacher goes viral!
Offensive audio of Whip Atiur with school teacher goes viral!

An audio of an offensive and obscene conversation between Atiur Rahman, the Whip of the Jatiya Sangsad and Awami League Member of Parliament from Sherpur-1 Constituency, has gone viral on social media Facebook.

When the audio went viral on social media last (Monday) evening, there was a storm of criticism everywhere. The 7 minutes and 30 seconds of leaked audio includes a confession about a previous private time with the woman and several other lewd conversations. Both of them can be heard talking with a lot of smiles. They also talk about various things including spending more time alone with each other.

After listening to the leaked audio recording, many people from Awami League leaders and activists are criticizing Whip Atiur Rahman by sharing the audio on Facebook.

According to sources, the woman is an assistant teacher in a primary school. She has an illicit physical relationship with Whip Atiur Rahman for a long time. Such hints were found in their conversation.

Awami League leaders and activists and locals claim that Atiur Rahman indulged in anti-social activities with numerous young women and women who lured them into marriage in the name of providing government jobs. Because of that Bagmara people cannot show their face anywhere in the country. That’s why they want the punishment of Whip Atiur.

An Awami League leader close to Whip Atiur said that Atiur used to talk obscenely on video calls with some woman every day. Many women have made these videos. I also know of women who took advantage of him to have sexual intercourse and videotaped their private moments, which could prove dangerous in the future.

Meanwhile, many of the Awami League leaders have expressed their anger at the action of Whip Atiur on the eve of the election. Some Awami League leaders claim that Atiur’s women scandal is not new. However, his actions before the election may affect the polls. The image of the party has already gone down due to his irregularities and corruption.

On the condition of anonymity, a top leader of the district Awami League said, due to the controversial activities of one Atiur, it has become difficult to show the face of the Awami League leaders to the people of Sherpur. Even the common people are fed up with his extortion and occupation.

Former vice-president of Sherpur district Awami League, brave freedom fighter Abdul Khalek told Jugantar, this is social degradation. The local Awami League is embarrassed and ashamed of such misogynistic and various immoral activities of Whip Atiur. Because of that, the image of Sherpur Awami League has been destroyed to the extreme. Atiur is a candidate for the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections. If he is nominated again, Sherpur Awami League will end forever due to his misogyny and various scandals.

When Whip Atiur Rahman was asked about the leaking of offensive-obscene audio with a school teacher on Facebook, he said, these audio records are not mine. It is someone editing my words and spreading scandal and bad name in my name. He requested to refrain from reporting on this.

The article is in Bengali

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