Jannatul of Bangladesh in BBC’s list of 100 influential women

Jannatul of Bangladesh in BBC’s list of 100 influential women
Jannatul of Bangladesh in BBC’s list of 100 influential women

Photo: BBC.


This year, the BBC has published the list of 100 most inspiring and influential women in the world.

In addition to former US First Lady Michelle Obama, Spain’s female soccer player Aitano Banmati, who spoke about women’s equality in football, Thailand’s Macha Phorn, who fought for LGBTQ rights, and others who have been included in this list, are Jannatul Ferdous of Bangladesh; Who is a filmmaker, writer and disability rights activist.

Jannatul is fighting for his life with burn wounds. In 1997, 60 percent of his body was burnt in a fire accident.

Jannatul survived the accident. But, his face and upper body were burnt and disfigured. Despite the physical and mental struggle of carrying this wound, he started to walk the path of life anew with a strong spirit.

Jannatul Ferdous is the founder of human rights organization ‘Voice and Views’. This organization fights for the rights of women who are burn survivors.

Jannatul Ferdous is also known as Ivy to friends and relatives. He has produced five short films and has also published three novels. Moreover, Jannatul encouraged the disabled in the society by telling stories to make them aware.

He also studied a lot. Jannatul holds an MA in English Literature from National University and a degree in Development Education from BRAC University.

Besides, LLB from National University and Diploma in Social Compliance from Bangladesh Institute of Management. He has done appreciation course from some institutes on film making and photography.

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