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The consequences of excesses will not be good

The consequences of excesses will not be good
The consequences of excesses will not be good

It has been alleged that Riaz Hossain Rabbi, the younger brother of Rocky Hossain Picchi, a member of the convening committee of Chattogram Metropolitan Chhatra Dal, was arrested by the Khulshi Police Station and physically tortured all night on Monday night, centered on the peaceful blockade called by BNP to demand the cancellation of the announced schedule. BNP leaders of Chittagong strongly condemned and protested the incident of torture after the arrest of the leaders and workers at the police station.
BNP Vice Chairman Abdullah Al Noman, Mir Mohammad Nashir Uddin, Organizing Secretary Mahbuber Rahman Shamim, Chittagong Metropolitan BNP convener Dr. Shahadat Hossain, Member Secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar. In a statement on Tuesday, the leaders said that the police members are now harassing and arbitrarily arresting the BNP leaders and activists by going door to door every night in the name of searches, after raising false and missing charges in Chittagong based on the ongoing blockade of BNP. Without being able to arrest BNP leaders and activists, they are taking other family members. As a result, on Monday night, the Khulshi Thana police arrested Rocky Hossain Picchi, a member of the Mahanagar Chhatra Dal, at his residence and instead of finding him, they took his younger brother Riyaz Hossain Rabbi. The rabbi was staying in his shop during the police raid. There was no case against him. The police took him to the police station and physically tortured him all night and broke both his arms. He is currently in a coma. When the rabbi was arrested, men and women around his house actually abused police women to protect him. A few days ago Khulshi police station arrested his elder brother Wakil Hossain Baga. Earlier on Sunday evening, Awami League terrorists and police brutally beat and injured BNP leader Mizanur Rahman Mostafa while arresting BNP leader Mizanur Rahman Mustafa from the side of Agrabad Jamburi ground. Currently, Mustafa’s physical condition is very bad. When Mustafa was being tortured, his son tried to save him and was also killed and beheaded.
The leaders said that in view of the upcoming elections, the police have again started conspiratorial activities in various processes. Some police officers of CMP have entered the field to implement the blue design of Awami League. Looking at the Rudramurthy of the police towards BNP, it seems that the police have made an agreement with the Awami League. Before the 2018 elections, they arrested BNP leaders and activists with a case of disappearance. Similarly, some overzealous police officers started arresting and torturing again. The administration has now become an instrument for Awami League to win elections. We condemn such behavior of police force.
The leaders addressed the police and said that the nation is watching what you are doing on the undemocratic orders of the government to oust the BNP ahead of the elections. The consequences of excesses cannot necessarily be good. You are employees of the republic, not employees of Awami League. You will not assume the role of Awami League worker. Stop absentee cases, assaults, torture and mass arrests. Otherwise you will have to answer in the public court. #

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