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Bogra’s night roads and highways are becoming dangerous

Bogra’s night roads and highways are becoming dangerous
Bogra’s night roads and highways are becoming dangerous

During the hartal blockade in Bogra, the roads and highways at night are becoming dangerous due to petrol being poured on vehicles and vandalism. Most of the attacks are in different areas of Sadar Upazila.

Last Sunday night in Nishindara tank bridge area of ​​Sadar when miscreants threw bricks at the moving transport truck, the driver lost control and hit the road divider. Due to this, the tire burst and the front part of the truck was severely damaged. The driver Abdur Razzak was injured in the head after the brick broke the glass. The driver and helper narrowly escaped with their lives.

It was found that the picketers vandalized three buses of Shah Fateh Ali Transport in Matidali and Erulia areas on October 31. At this time, five passengers were injured. On the same day, a covered van of AJR Courier Service was poured petrol and set on fire in Baghopara area of ​​Sadar. It caused a loss of two crore rupees.

Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Feroza Parveen’s official car was vandalized on October 30. Miscreants poured petrol on a goods truck and set it on fire in Baghopara area on November 1. A truck was set on fire in suburban Baropur on November 4. On November 5, seven vehicles carrying various goods including baby food were vandalized on the highway in Telipukur area. The miscreants poured petrol on two trucks and set them on fire in Dighalkandi and Manikchak markets within an hour on the night of November 8.

In the morning of November 19, Ghoradhap port of Sadar’s Nungola Union. Petrol was poured into Karim’s truck and set on fire. On the same night, an empty truck bound for Natore was set on fire in Katham area of ​​Nandigram after vandalism.

SI Qutubul Alam of Bogra Sadar Police Station said that five cases have been registered in connection with setting fire to vehicles during the strike. Some of these accused were also arrested.

Azamgir Hossain, OC of Nandigram police station, said that a case has been filed against 70 people in the truck arson incident. Nine people have already been arrested.

Shahidul Islam, OC of Shajahanpur police station, said that the picketers set fire to two trucks and three motorcycles in his police station area. Apart from the cocktail blasts, there have also been incidents of car vandalism and obstruction of government work. Separate cases and some accused have been arrested in this regard.

Meanwhile, talking to truck drivers and helpers plying on Dhaka-Rangpur, Bogra-Natore highway, Lichutala-Banani II Pipes highway and Bogra-Naogaon road, they said that during the strike and blockade called by BNP and Jamaat, these roads and highways become dangerous at night. Miscreants from different lanes hurled bricks and cocktails at the vehicles. When they get a chance, they pour gasoline and set fire.

From October 28 to November 20, a five-point blockade and two-point strike program was given. At least 30 vehicles were vandalized in different areas. At least 10 vehicles were set on fire. Because of this, it is dangerous to travel on those roads and highways at night during the strike. Attacks can happen at any time and in any place. Courier services, baby food carts are not spared by the picketers. Even though the vehicles are crossing under police guard, they are being attacked.

Saihan Oliullah, OC of Bogra Sadar police station, said that during the hartal blockade, the police are assisting the movement of vehicles with Scots. The miscreants set fire to the five vehicles in his police station area without police escort. Cases have been filed and some accused have been arrested in these incidents. He advised not to drive on roads and highways without police escort during strike and blockade.

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