Bangladesh will ask the US for an explanation


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last Thursday that the United States will work to protect the rights of workers in accordance with international labor laws involving governments, workers, labor organizations, trade unions, civil society and the private sector. He said, those who will go against the rights of the workers, threaten and intimidate the workers, if necessary, sanctions will be imposed on them.

Shahriar Alam, when asked if there is any logical reason for the garment industry of Bangladesh to be worried about the new labor policy of the United States, said, ‘Not at all. I am clearly saying that comment is not aimed at the garment industry.’

The Minister of State said that Anthony Blinken’s speech was at the Asia Pacific Economic Association (APEC) conference. It is not just any bilateral meeting of garment industry or textile industry or Bangladesh. It is a global initiative, through which they are appointing their embassies or ambassadors as additional responsibilities. Mistakes occur if anything is not presented correctly. As a result of this move (US new labor policy) the garment industry has no reason to worry.

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