Accused of drug ragging, threat of beating, punishment for 10 students of Khubi

Accused of drug ragging, threat of beating, punishment for 10 students of Khubi
Accused of drug ragging, threat of beating, punishment for 10 students of Khubi

In Khulna University (Khubi) 10 students have been punished for different terms on charges of drugs, ragging and beating students. Of these, 9 students have been fined and four students have been expelled for multiple terms.

This decision was given in the meeting of the disciplinary board of the university. However, some students have recently applied to the academic council to reduce the punishment, authorities said on Tuesday.

Accused students are – Pharmacy Discipline Saif Newaz, Md. Sumon Rahman, Sanjida Afrin Mayuri, Md. Noor Alam, Md. Bani Amin, Muhammad Zarif of Business Administration Discipline, Hizbullah Tamim, Md. Kabirul Islam Bindu, Sandeep Pal and Mojtaba Fahim. Arrested with drugs, physical injury to students, abuse and threats, mental harassment of CR and ACR, detention of students in the field for many nights, representation of ragging culture to the parents, the accused was reviewed the investigation report of the relevant investigation committee in the disciplinary board meeting on November 15 at noon. Disciplinary action is taken against students.

It is known that Mojtaba Fahim, Sandeep Pal and Kabirul Islam of Nagrap Discipline have been expelled for two terms and fined 10,000 taka for being caught with drugs, Muhammad Zarif of Business Administration Discipline has been expelled for two terms for kicking a student in the chest and hitting him on the head with a brick. Tk 10,000, Warning against Hizbullah Tamim of the same discipline for calling students for beating students, Tk 20,000 fine against Saif Nawaz of Pharmacy discipline for verbal abuse and mental harassment of students, Sanjida Afrin Mayuri of the same discipline for abusing, detaining and threatening children in the field till late night. 15,000 rupees fined in the complaint, Md. 15 thousand taka fined against Noor Alam for abuse, threats, harassment of CR and ACR and Sumon Rahman and Md. Bani Amin has been fined Rs 5,000 each for abusing and threatening students.

Apart from this, it has been mentioned that every guardian should appear with national identity card and give bond.

Khulna University Student Affairs Director Professor Sharif Hasan Limon told Jugantar on Tuesday afternoon that the investigation committee investigated the accused in the case of arresting a student for possession of drugs and recently calling a student and beating him up. Based on their investigation report, ten students of the university were recommended for punishment on November 15. At Monday’s academic council meeting, some students appealed for the punishment to be reduced. But what was decided has not yet reached us.

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