The father and son were hanged with yaba and demanded money

The father and son were hanged with yaba and demanded money
The father and son were hanged with yaba and demanded money

Barisal: A sub-inspector (SI) of Kaunia police station and his aide have been accused of taking a father and son from Nadi Bandar (Lanchghat) area under Kotwali Model Police Station of Barisal and hooking them with drugs and demanding money. The relatives of the victims claimed that the father was later released but the son was kept in the police station without getting the money as per the demand.

In this regard, the accused SI Redwan Hossain Riyad of Kaunia police station has not received any statement, but senior police officials say that three pieces of Yaba tablets have been recovered from the arrested person. However, his father’s complaint will be investigated. There is no opportunity to frame an innocent person by the police.

The name of the person arrested by Kaunia police station is Abdullah Bin Laden. His father’s name is Muslim Jamaddar.

Moslem said, they have a case with the opponent. He and his son came to Barisal from Sreepur in Mehendiganj in a launch named Upaban around 10 am on Tuesday (November 21) to appear on the scheduled date of the case. After landing at Barisal launch ghat, two persons posing as police stopped them and searched them by name and identity. Then, even if nothing was found, he showed a blue paper lying on the ground and said – this is what was found.

Then one of the men identified by the police took me in a rickshaw and another took my son with him on a motorcycle, Moslem said. Later take it to the side of a field (Bangabandhu Udyan) by turning around in different places. Meanwhile, he beat my son and demanded 1 lakh taka with various slanders. That’s why they call us at home and ask for money. The people of the house repeatedly asked me where I was, but they refused to tell me. After much later, those policemen gave a development number demanding 40 thousand rupees.

College student Abdullah’s cousin Abdur Rahim said, “When we came to know about the uncle and cousin being taken into police custody and asking for money to release them, we started to inquire through various means.” After that, I got to know the development number given by those who were asking for money, it is located at Amtala intersection of Barisal Nagar. In the meantime, we relatives went to Koteyali Model Police Station to rescue them and called the emergency number 999. If the Kotwali police station says that they are not aware of the matter, we prepare to file a complaint there.

Abdur Rahim also said that around 4:30 in the afternoon uncle told me that Abdullah was detained at Kaunia police station and SI Redwan Hossain Riyad Kawarchar dropped him on a motorcycle at Kheyaghat. And manage the money and send it to his Bikash number and tell him that if he calls, the son will be released.

He said that uncle Muslim was rearing cows and farming in the village of Jamaddar. Cousin is a HSC first year student at Govt Alekanda College, Barisal. It is not possible for them to manage so much money. So we contact SI Riyadh. But he refused to leave his cousin without money. In this situation, we approached the senior police officers.

Abdur Rahim said, uncle does not eat anything except bean. And the cousin doesn’t smoke at all. The involvement with drugs there is completely false.

Abdullah’s father Muslim said the same thing. He said, we are village people. I don’t know how this happened.

To find out about this, SI Redwan Hossain Riyad was not found when he went to Kaunia police station and called his mobile phone. But he did not receive it.

However, the officer in charge (OC) of Kaunia police station Asaduzzaman told Banglanews that SI Redwan Hossain Riyad has arrested the young man along with three pieces of Yaba during an anti-narcotics operation. He was supposed to get more yaba. SI Riyadh left him at the police station in the afternoon after completing the operation.

However, when asked whether the police of Kaunia police station can conduct raids in other police station areas, the OC said that the matter will be looked into by senior officials. Along with that, the matter of asking for money will also be looked into. If SI Riyad is found guilty, then higher authorities will take action against him.

Barisal Metropolitan Police North Zone Deputy Commissioner (DC) BM Ashraf Ullah Taher said that the matter will be investigated.

Bangladesh Time: 2200 hours, November 21, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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