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What Harun said about DB’s ‘Rice Hotel’

What Harun said about DB’s ‘Rice Hotel’
What Harun said about DB’s ‘Rice Hotel’

At different times, people from different classes and professions come to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DB) to report their problems. Many of them were again entertained with rice at the DB office. Some pictures of rice feeding have already gone viral on social media. After the picture went viral, many people commented on the social media that the DB office is ‘DB’s rice hotel’. However, DB has taken these comments as positive. DB says that people are talking about DB’s rice hotel out of humor.

On Tuesday (November 21), DB Metropolitan Chief and Additional Commissioner of Police Mohammad Haroon Or Rasheed Rasbodh informed the matter while talking to reporters at his office on Mintu Road in the capital in response to a question.

When asked about DB’s rice hotel, he said, it is a question of sense of humor. Bengalis are a nation with sense of humor. The application of humor in literature feeds our mind. I think it’s a humorous thing that DB eats rice. We don’t invite anyone to eat. If someone comes to us for work, we try to do his work. Apart from this we offer lunch at lunch time. If he accepts the offer, eat it. And we are not British police. We are now the police of an independent country. At one time, people were afraid to go to the police station. And now I am a DIG, I have hundreds of people coming here for some work. People come to us with various complaints including cyber bullying.Photo of BNP leader Gayeshwar Chandra Roy’s lunch with Haroon Or Rashid at DB office goes viral

The intelligence chief of the DB also said that the journalists also said that the DB is a place of trust. All people’s complaints are heard in DB. I think DB is a place of trust, ordinary people come to DB, we make them work. I think it is our responsibility. And the humanitarian policing that DB does is an example of how we entertain people. In Islam, if a person comes to someone’s house, he must be entertained. We are the police of a free country, if we entertain someone it is not bad. And those who say rice hotel out of sense of humor also say it in a good sense, not in a bad sense. We are encouraged by this. People come, work and even praise us for eating. People are happy if they can eat at lunch time. Arrest criminals, as well as entertain people as humanitarian police.

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