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Gulistan-Paltan stalled all day in traffic jam

Gulistan-Paltan stalled all day in traffic jam
Gulistan-Paltan stalled all day in traffic jam

Dhaka: For the past four days, party leaders and activists have been thronging Dhaka for the sale of Awami League’s party nomination forms for the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. Aspirants buy and submit nomination form by showdown with hundreds of workers.

In such a situation on Tuesday (November 21) a massive traffic jam was created in various areas around the Awami League office on Bangabandhu Avenue in Gulistan. The Gulistan-Paltan-Motijheel area has come to a standstill due to traffic jams and crowding.

The last day for sale of nomination forms was Tuesday. On this day, massive traffic jam was seen in Gulistan, Paltan, Motijheel, Kakrail, Moghbazar, Matsya Bhavan, Shahbagh, Segunbagicha areas around Bangabandhu Avenue. Passengers have to suffer to reach their destination.

On the last day of the sale of nomination forms, there was no program like hartal-blockade by BNP and other parties. Because of this, there was more traffic on the road. This creates traffic jams.

Members of the traffic police and people traveling in the area say that there was a crowd of thousands of people for the sale of Awami League party nomination forms. And this traffic jam is due to the parking of cars on the side of the road.

It can be seen on the surface, many candidates and activists-supporters on behalf of the candidates collected and submitted nomination forms by dancing-singing, marching-showdowns with a big sound system. They brought the candidate’s photo, Awami League’s election symbol boat, portrait of the boat.

It can also be seen that they celebrate elections by playing musical instruments including band parties and drums. Buses, private cars, microbuses carrying activists are parked on the side of the road, creating additional pressure in the adjacent areas.

Talking to some aspirants and activists, it is known that in order to ensure the nomination, everyone tries to bring the workers and show a big showdown.

Heavy traffic jam was seen around Gulistan from 11:30 am till evening on Tuesday. Rickshaw driver Nazmul said that the leaders are coming to the party office to take nominations. Hundreds of other people with them. That’s why it’s jammed. Jam for several days. Even though there was a strike yesterday, there was more jam. A little less today.

Meanwhile, the activity of the traffic policemen has also increased so that traffic jams are not created. On Tuesday afternoon, additional traffic policemen were seen at Matsya Bhavan intersection, Press Club area, Secretariat, GPO, Fulbaria, Bangshal area. But they are also struggling to deal with the traffic jam.

A sergeant of the traffic police on duty in the Gulistan area said that leaders and activists from different parts of the country are coming to the Awami League party office to collect and submit nomination forms. That is why the traffic jam is being created in Gulistan area.

Bangladesh Time: 1911 hours, November 21, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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