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Bangladesh is a country of peace: Prime Minister

Bangladesh is a country of peace: Prime Minister
Bangladesh is a country of peace: Prime Minister

Referring to Bangladesh as a seeker of peace, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that we want peace not only within the country but regionally and globally.

Mentioning Bangladesh’s foreign policy as ‘friendship with all, enmity with none’, he said, at least I can claim this, so far we have been going with this foreign policy. We have made arrangements to bring back our refugees by maintaining friendly relations with everyone, regionally friendly relations with our sea border, our land border, mountain peace agreement. We managed to do it smoothly. Even the enclaves we were able to exchange peacefully. So Bangladesh is a country of peace.

The Prime Minister said these things while addressing the reception organized on the occasion of ‘Armed Forces Day-2023’ at Senakunj in Dhaka Cantonment on Tuesday (November 21) afternoon.

At the time, he also said, “Some people are thinking of taking power over the dead body, which is very inhumane.” The Prime Minister said, “If there is work to be done for the people, then I do not see anywhere else such inhumanity as those who think of coming to power by killing the people and laying them on the corpses.” It amazes us even to think about it. So we want peace.

The Prime Minister said, when people were a little peaceful, at ease, seeing a little light of hope and moving forward, these arson attacks, strikes, blockades are disrupting people’s lives again. Throwing into a panic. This is the most difficult thing.

Expressing the hope that those who are doing this destructive work will come to an understanding, the Prime Minister said that they should join the democratic process, trust and believe in the people instead of doing such destructive work.

Pointing out that his government is dealing with one challenge after another, he said, “The way we dealt with Covid-19, after that various kinds of trouble started from arson – my question is, why are common people burnt to death?”

He said, what is the reason for burning these common people, setting fire to buses, wasting state resources? It still doesn’t make sense to me.

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