Bangladesh left the field with a draw with Morsalin’s eye-catching goal

Bangladesh left the field with a draw with Morsalin’s eye-catching goal
Bangladesh left the field with a draw with Morsalin’s eye-catching goal

The red-green team has won the hearts of the audience with the gift of attacking football. The opponent’s defense was shaken by repeated attacks. The victory was not caught due to repeated missed goal opportunities. However, despite falling behind, Bangladesh left the field with a 1-1 draw against Lebanon thanks to Sheikh Morsalin’s eye-catching goal.

Lebanon captain Hassan Matouk wins a corner kick in the 5th minute of the World Cup Qualifiers second round Group I match at the Bashundhara Kings Arena on Tuesday evening. His kick goes wide of the post.

Bangladesh got the first chance in the ninth minute. Faisal Ahmed Fahim could not reach the ball inside the D box after Sheikh Morsalin’s long pass.

Javier Cabrera’s side continued to create scoring chances with one attack after another. In the 24th minute, Lebanon’s goalkeeper Mustafa Matar gloved Viswanath’s head as he flew from the corner kick. After a while, Mohammad Sohail Rana got the ball in the D box in a great attack. A Lebanese defender blocked him at the last moment.

Bangladesh squandered a golden opportunity to score in the 34th minute of the match. Morsalin could not touch Fahim’s extended ball on the right side. Despite getting the goalkeeper alone, the forward’s miss did not give the hosts the lead.

Jihad Ayub’s long-range shot in the 37th minute could have been dangerous. Mitul Marma did not reach the ball but went out over the D box, so Bangladesh did not digest the goal. After five minutes, Morsalin found the goalkeeper alone, but the referee blew the whistle for offside.

Jamal Bhuiyan’s team missed another easy goal chance in the 44th minute. Mohammad Sohail Rana got the ball first from Vishwanath’s pass. Fahim received the ball from him and passed it to Morsalin who was in front of the post. Despite finding the opposition goalkeeper alone, Morsalin smashed the ball over the post.

Lebanon counter-attacked after a while. The first half ended goalless as Mitul saved the team in return for a corner.

Mitul, who got a leg injury after 40 minutes, did not play again after the break. Instead, Mehdi Hasan Shravan came in front of the goal post.

In the 48th minute of the game, Matouk’s free kick goes into the D box. Mehdi Hasan Shraban, the substitute goalkeeper of Bangladesh came forward to fist the ball and sat down. Kasem Al Zein’s header over the post did not go ahead.

In the 53rd minute of the game, the game was stopped for a while due to the incident caused by a teenager. The teenager ran into the field, avoiding the eyes of the security guards, with the country’s flag wrapped around his body to demand an independent Palestine. He was later dragged off the field.

Bangladesh got a great chance to score again from the counter attack. Vishwanath’s extended ball in the 59th minute, Morsalin failed to get into the net again.

Captain Jamal Bhuiyan was benched in the 61st minute. Cabrera fielded midfielder Rabiul Hasan.

68 minutes goalkeeper Shravan failed to catch the ball. Vishwanath could not clear the ball. Substitute Majed Osman gave Lebanon the lead when the post was empty.

In the 70th minute, Zahid saw a yellow card for fouling Fahim. In the 71st minute, Vishwanath’s header narrowly missed the net from a free kick.

Morsalin brought Bangladesh back into the match with an eye-catching goal. The forward faked a shock in the 72nd minute after beating the goalkeeper with a right-footed long-range shot. Sui celebrates like Cristiano Ronaldo. He was shown a yellow card by the referee for approaching the gallery crowd during the goal celebration.

After a couple of minutes, it could have been an apocalypse. Vishwanath’s kick ball was entangled in their own net. Being active, Shravan jumped and grabbed the ball. Rafiqul Islam entered the field in place of Fahim in the 83rd minute.

Morsalin, who was in the D box after receiving the ball from Rafiqul’s cross, wasted an easy chance again in the 89th minute. Couldn’t take the shot on the left foot properly.

In the 90th minute, Mojibur Rahman Johnny took the place of Hriday. Six minutes were added but no one found the back of the net and the two teams left the field with a draw.

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