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Nashim’s ‘nomination-war’ on Shajahan Khan’s seat, heat in the party


According to sources, since Bahauddin Nashim’s house is in Sadar, he has been closely involved in the Awami politics of Sadar and Rajair upazilas for several years. Trinamool leaders and workers have been demanding the party nomination of Bahauddin Nashim instead of Shajahan Khan in district, upazila, union and ward level meetings for a long time. In the district Awami League politics, Bahauddin Nashim is more dominant than Shajahan Khan. From district Awami League president, general secretary, most of them are Nashim’s followers. Due to disputes, there are counter-committees at Sadar Upazila and Union levels. However, if Bahauddin Nashim is not nominated in Madaripur-2 constituency, the leaders and activists expect that he will get nomination in Madaripur-3 constituency.

District Awami League President Shahabuddin Ahmed Molla told Prothom Alo that according to the party decision, district, upazila and union Awami League combined the name of Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury in Madaripur-1 (Shibchar) constituency and AFM Bahauddin Nashim in Madaripur-2 and 3 constituencies. proposed by resolution. Here others who have collected the nomination form have done so outside the party decision. The polarization of politics may change if someone outside of Trinamool decision gets nominated. Can be a rebel candidate. He thinks that even chaos will be created in the party.

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