Commonwealth will send election observers, Asha Bangladesh

Commonwealth will send election observers, Asha Bangladesh
Commonwealth will send election observers, Asha Bangladesh

Bangladesh is expecting an observation team from the Commonwealth to come to Dhaka to observe the 12th national elections.

On Tuesday (November 21) after a meeting with the advanced delegation of four members from the Commonwealth, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Md. Shahriar Alam said.

Stating that the visiting advance team is meeting with the Election Commission, important departments of the government, political parties, civil society, the state minister said, ‘We have expressed our hope that they will come. We have ensured that they meet with our protocol department for the logistical and protocol support they require.’

Shahriar Alam said the Commonwealth delegation explained their plans, saying that like other missions, this is a forward mission. They will go back and report on their experiences. They know that time is very short. They came at the last minute. The State Minister for Foreign Affairs said that he will try to give a report very quickly.

Shahriar said, “The environment during elections in Bangladesh or South Asia is relatively chaotic.” They know this too. They had a long talk with the police and IGP of Bangladesh who are in charge of law and order. This matter was discussed in the meeting with me.’

Regarding the frequent questioning of the Bangladesh issue in the regular press conference of the US State Department, the state minister said, ‘We are not thinking anything about it. They will ask and answer as many questions as they want. It’s up to them.’

In response to such questions whether BNP will participate in the elections, he said, ‘To survive in politics, we have to participate in the elections. This is always true. According to the schedule announced by the Election Commission, November 30 is the last day for submission of nomination forms. The matter of coming to the election till that day is open.’

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