‘10,000 if a bus is set on fire, video must be sent on WhatsApp’

‘10,000 if a bus is set on fire, video must be sent on WhatsApp’
‘10,000 if a bus is set on fire, video must be sent on WhatsApp’

They used to get 10,000 rupees if the buses were set on fire during the strike-blockade. And for this, after setting the fire, the top leaders of the party had to make a video and send it on WhatsApp. RAB Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moin said these things at a press conference organized at RAB Media Center in Karuran Bazar at noon on Tuesday (November 21).

On November 18, RAB arrested 4 people directly involved in the burning of a bus in the Kalshi area of ​​Mirpur in the capital. On Monday night (November 20), a raiding team of RAB-4 conducted an operation in Mirpur area of ​​the capital and arrested them. The arrested are — Al Mohammad Chan (27), Md. Sagar (25), Md. Al Amin alias Rubel (29) and Md. Khorshed Alam (34).

Khandaker Al Moin said that those arrested are workers of an opposition political party. Under the guidance of local top leaders of their party, they planned to set fire to buses in the surrounding areas of Mirpur and Pallavi in ​​the capital. Arrested Al Mohammad Chan took 250 ml of petrol from his friend’s motorcycle and put it in a bottle of Tiger energy drink and gave it to Al Amin that evening to set the vehicle on fire.

Later, they opened the middle window of a Basmati Paribahan bus parked near the mosque on Kalshi Road around 11 pm, poured petrol and set it on fire with a matchstick.

The spokesperson of RAB said that Chan stood on the island of the road and gave instructions on setting fire to the vehicles and observed the incident. As soon as the bus was set on fire, he asked Khorshed to take the video from the spot and send it to him immediately so that the members of any other opposition party could not take credit for taking pictures and video of the incident and send it to local top leaders.

According to RAB, Al Mohammad Chan received Tk 10,000 for everyone involved in setting the bus on fire.

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