Bangladesh fought evenly in the first half

Bangladesh fought evenly in the first half
Bangladesh fought evenly in the first half

Bangladesh is 79 steps behind Lebanon in the ranking. Although Bangladesh is lagging behind in terms of ranking and strength, the battle at King’s Arena was even. The first half of the Bangladesh-Lebanon match in the second round of the World Cup qualifiers was a goalless draw.

Bangladesh was under a bit of pressure early in the match. Lebanon were ahead in ball position and attack. Bangladeshi footballers have eaten a bit at the height of the Lebanese. However, as the match progressed, Bangladesh took control of the match.

Forward Rakib Hossain is not in today’s match due to card complications. Sheikh Morsalin, who returned to the XI, performed well today in the first half. Fahim-Morsalin combination Bangladesh composed some beautiful attacks.

Morsalin tried to score himself and had his own chance. Although he missed on two occasions. In the last minute of the first half, Morsalin got the ball through Fahim’s pass. He tried to send the ball into the net by placing and failed. He missed another chance in the 34th minute. Fahim missed Morsalin’s extended ball in the ninth minute.

Lebanon attacked more but could not create open chances like Bangladesh. Lebanon earned two consecutive corners in the injury minutes of the first half. Bangladesh’s goalkeeper Mitul Marma showed great skill in the first half. The defenders didn’t make too many mistakes in the first half either.


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