Demonstration procession of Sylhet Metropolitan Jamaat in support of the blockade

Demonstration procession of Sylhet Metropolitan Jamaat in support of the blockade
Demonstration procession of Sylhet Metropolitan Jamaat in support of the blockade

Jamaat leaders of Sylhet metropolis said that the fascist government has failed to deal with the ideology and a wrong decision has been given to cancel the registration of Jamaat. Using Daldas Election Commission, the government is again plotting to come to power through unilateral elections. As part of this conspiracy, using the courts to thumb the law and the constitution, unilaterally canceled the registration of Jamaat. The patriotic people will not allow any more bogus elections in the country. The unilateral election conspiracy will not be allowed to succeed in the country by re-establishing the neutral caretaker government and keeping the national leaders in jail including Ameer Jamaat Dr. Shafiqur Rahman. The nation is ready to respond to all the schemes of the government through the successful blockade of the next 48 hours.
The leaders said the above in a short rally before the protest march organized by Sylhet Mahanagar Jamaat as part of Jamaat central program in Ambarkhana area of ​​the city on Tuesday afternoon.
The pre-march rally was addressed and attended by: Mahanagar Jamaat Naib Ameer Maulana Sohail Ahmad, Secretary Mohammad Shahjahan Ali, District North Secretary Jainal Abedin, Former Chairman of Jaintapur Upazila Parishad, Mahanagar Jamaat Assistant Secretary Advocate Mohammad Abdur Rab and Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir Sylhet Mahanagar President Siddique Ahmad. etc. Leaders – Through the successful 48-hour blockade on Wednesday and Thursday, the government’s party demanded the countrymen to reject the farce schedule announced by the Election Commission. They said, if Daldas Election Commission has minimum respect for public opinion, it will cancel the said schedule. Reinstated caretaker government and Ameer Jamaat Dr. The nation will not accept any rigged election in the country without the release of the central national leaders including Shafiqur Rahman and all the royal prisoners. The schedule of farce should be canceled immediately and the police harassment in the name of door-to-door searches should be stopped and all arrested leaders and activists should be unconditionally released in the ongoing democracy restoration movement.

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