Engineers want nomination of boats for building Smart Bangladesh

Engineers want nomination of boats for building Smart Bangladesh
Engineers want nomination of boats for building Smart Bangladesh

The discussion about the announcement of the schedule of the 12th National Parliament election is now at its height. Every day new events are happening in the field of politics around the election. In the meantime, the boat nomination aspirants have started preparing in their respective areas. Lobbying-grouping and public relations are going on in equal rhythm in trying to bring the activists into their fold. Aspirants want the fruits of party loyalty and the appreciation of the hard work put into a lifetime of politics.

About a dozen engineers want the boat’s nomination in the 12th national election. Chief Technical Engineers in the implementation of ‘Vision-2041’ in the construction of Smart Bangladesh.

On the occasion of various festivals including Eid-Puja, they go to their localities for social activities, exchange greetings and help the people in various ways.

Who is the nominee for which seat?

Eng. Md. Abdus Sabur: Comilla-1 (Daudkandi-Titas) Daudkandi-Titas is the gateway to Dhaka-Chittagong connecting district Comilla. Politically very important parliamentary seat. Bangladesh Awami League, who has been in power for three consecutive times in the last 15 years, was not directly associated with Awami League. As a result, the people of Daudkandi Titus surrounded by Gomti River want someone who is associated with Awami League’s admirable politics to be nominated from that seat. Eng. Md. Abdus Sabur is giving full-time time to the party and the area as the science and technology secretary of the Central Executive Committee of Bangladesh Awami League for three consecutive terms. At the beginning of November last year, they are organizing the ‘International Conference on the Role of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Building Smart Bangladesh’, which is the first for any political party in Bangladesh. Moreover, after being elected for the second time as the President of Engineers Institution, the oldest professional organization in the country, he organized the first ‘Peace and Development Rally’ among the professional organizations with the General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League as the chief guest. As a student, he was nominated GS of BUET’s Central Student Council by the panel of Chhatra League. Currently, in addition to the President of the Engineers Institution, Bangladesh (IEB), Eng. Md. Abdus Sabur.

Hero Muktijoddha Eng. Md. Kabir Ahmed Bhuiyan:

After independence, the Jatiya Party captured the seat of Brahmanbaria-5 (Navinagar) in 1986. Since then, the Jatiya Party has been in power for a total of four times, the Nationalist Party BNP twice, and the Awami League from 2014 to the present. In order to create a strong base of Awami League in the seat, the brave freedom fighter Eng. Md. Kabir Ahmed Bhuiyan. He did a lot of work in the area while being the Chief Engineer of Public Works Department Increased public involvement. If not directly involved in politics as a result of being a government official, Sarab was in social organizations. He was the President-elect of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). Eng. Md. Kabir Ahmed Bhuiyan is currently serving as the president of Brihat Comilla Samiti (Comilla-Brahmanbaria-Chandpur). Nabinagar Upazila Welfare Association has been serving as the elected president for a long time. Join Bangladesh Awami League immediately after retirement. At present, Bangladesh Awami League is a member of the sub-committee on labor and manpower.

Eng. Md. Shahadat Hossain (Shiblu), Pinj. :

Chandpur-1 (Kachua) currently Eng. Md. Shahadat Hossain Shibalu is serving as the Vice President of the country’s oldest professional organization in addition to his duties as the Secretary General of the Professional Coordinating Council. Awami League’s professional organization of engineers is the organizing secretary of ‘Bangabandhu Engineer Parishad’. Awami League’s organization of engineers, Bangabandhu Engineer Parishad is the organizing secretary. He was the elected VP of Fazlul Haque Hall of Khulna University of Technology and Engineering. During the corona time of the country Eng. Md. Shahadat Hossain Shibalu was the member secretary of 4500 cylinder gas distribution committee throughout the country while he was the Honorary General Secretary of IEB. At that time Kachuar took the place of people’s trust, faith and loved ones. The people of Chandpur-1 (Kachua) think that Eng. Md. Kachua will be a model upazila of all Bangladesh for sustainable development if a worker-friendly engineer leader like Shahadat Hossain Shiblu becomes a member of parliament. Geographically and politically important parliamentary seat Chandpur-1 (Kachua). Kachua Upazila is the gateway to Dhaka and Chandpur. Moreover, in the great war of liberation, Eng. Md. Shahadat Hossain Shiblu’s father is martyred freedom fighter Chhaidur Rahman. This leader said that he wants to get the nomination of the boat as a son of a martyr family and an outstanding professional and political leader.

Eng. S. M. Manjurul Haque Manju: Barisal-6 (Bakerganj)

Eng. S. M. Manjurul Haque Manju is currently serving as Honorary General Secretary of Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). Before Eng. S. M. Manjurul Haque was the Chairman of Services and Welfare Committee of Manju Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). Eng. S. M. Manjurul Haque Manju Buet played a leading role as the former president of Chhatra League. Moreover, after the Awami League gave up the seat to the Grand Alliance in 2008, Jatiya Party won it three times in a row. Eng. S. M. Manjurul Haque Manju thinks that this time the party will not share the seat with any other party. An Awami League leader involved in student politics will hand over the boat. If so, this engineer leader is 100% optimistic to get the boat.

Hero Muktijoddha Eng. Nuruzzaman Magura-2 (four unions of Shalikha-Mohammedpur upazila and Magura Sadar upazila) responded to the call of Bangabandhu in 1971 and participated in the liberation war. Then he was a government official for a long time in his career. Before retirement, he was the chief engineer of the Directorate of Public Health Engineering. After retirement, this engineer leader involved himself in social and political activities. Currently serving as General Secretary of Bangabandhu Engineers Council and Vice-President of Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). Eng. Nuruzzaman.

Eng. Mohammad Hossain: Chandpur-5 (Hajiganj-Shahrasti)

Among the engineers who are working tirelessly in the power sector of the country, the Director General of Power Cell and Engineers Institution, Bangladesh (IEB), Dhaka Center Chairman Eng. Mohammad Hossain is one of them. Desperate to get boat nomination in 2018, Eng. Mohammad Hossain Since that time, this engineer leader has continued to move around the field to get the nomination of Bangladesh Awami League. The people of the area think that if the young people are given priority in the construction of Smart Bangladesh, Eng. Mohammad Hossain will get nomination from Bangladesh Awami.

Eng. Mohammad Nasir Uddin Patuakhali-4 (Kalapara-Rangabali-Mahipur)

Engaged with Bangladesh Chhatra League since student politics. Mohammad Nasir Uddin. He became the general secretary of Chittagong University of Engineering. Former Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Division of Engineers Institution, Bangladesh (IEB), a professional body of engineers. Patuakhali-4 seat is not only politically important but economically this seat is much more important. Payra Samudra port is located in this constituency. This region will be a huge economic hub of the future. Locals think that a skilled, experienced and exemplary engineer will be nominated here to take forward this huge project of economy. That is why engineer Mohammad Nasir Uddin is 100% optimistic to get the boat from Awami League.

Dr. Eng. Masuda Siddique Rozi, Pinz Narsingdi-2 (Palash)

Asia’s largest fertilizer factory Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory is located in this seat. Known as one of the most important economic regions of the country, Narsingdi-2 parliamentary seat consists of Palash Upazila and several unions of Narsingdi Sadar. The woman engineer has dedicated her life for the service of the people of this constituency. Eng. Masuda Siddique Rozi, P.Eng. That’s why he did his PhD from far America on how to build housing for poor people at low cost. This female engineer wants to be elected MP by direct vote of the people instead of being a separately reserved MP. That is why he has built a strong and strong position politically, socially and economically. Currently he is successfully serving as Education and Human Resource Secretary of Narsingdi District Awami League. Bangabandhu is a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Engineering Council. Was a member of Bangladesh Awami League subcommittee on women’s affairs. Mumtaz-Anwar Training Center has been set up at Narsingdi to create skilled and trained human resources. Serving as President of Narsingdi Women Chamber of Commerce. Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as the pioneer of women’s awakening in the country. Eng. People of the area think that Masuda Siddique will nominate Rozi from Bangladesh Awami League. If we consider education, family tradition and family contribution in liberation war and corona period. Eng. He is hundred percent hopeful that Masuda Siddique will nominate the boat.

Speaking to the aspirants, it is known that there are engineers who are involved in party politics from their student life and famous engineers in their professional life. Many have already claimed to have received the ‘green signal’ from the top level of the party. Still, they continued to communicate and lobby at the top level of the party.

It has been found that almost all of the candidates for election are leaders of professional organizations of the party. Some of them are associated with various committees of Awami League. Some past and present leaders of Bangabandhu Engineering Council and Professional Coordination Council at central, district and upazila levels. Again, the current and former leaders of Engineers Institution, Bangladesh (IEB) are also in this list of nominees.

Several sources in the engineering organization and the party say that at least a dozen engineers are in the race for the nomination of the Awami League.


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