A.League is conducting activities to bring inactive leaders of BNP to the elections

A.League is conducting activities to bring inactive leaders of BNP to the elections
A.League is conducting activities to bring inactive leaders of BNP to the elections

The schedule for the upcoming 12th National Election has been announced on November 15. In the meantime, the ruling Awami League and Jatiya Party have started distributing nomination forms. Rejecting the schedule, BNP has said that it will not take part in any election under this government and is continuing to protest on the streets to demand the fall of the government. According to the information obtained from various sources, the ruling party Awami League is continuing to discuss about the participation of the leaders of various levels of the BNP in the event that the BNP does not participate in the elections. BNP leaders are being given various baits and temptations to participate in the elections. The party’s inactive former MPs, defectors and expelled leaders are being targeted. Apart from this, contacts are also being made with those who became MPs on the nomination of BNP in the 9th and 10th parliamentary elections. Sources claim that not only BNP, but leaders of like-minded partner parties in the movement are also being offered various tempting offers.

However, several leaders of the ruling party have denied these proposals. They told Dhaka Times, ‘Awami League does not tempt anyone.’

On the other hand, BNP is saying that they are trying to stop the movement to topple the government. But the government will fail to stop the movement.

BNP leaders say that the government is trying to make some of our leaders election-oriented by threatening them with imprisonment. In that case, even if you can manage a few disaffected leaders, the end of the government will not be saved. There will be no more elections under party government in this country.

According to various sources, the government is trying to break the party by guaranteeing that the leaders of various levels of BNP will be made MPs. The Election Commission registered two political parties named Trinamool BNP in February this year and BNM in August. In that case, the newly registered Trinamool BNP, the breakaway leaders will be elected under the banner of BNM. Also, some may come to the election under the banner of independent democracy platform.

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP, told Dhaka Times, ‘The government has tried to break BNP before, but it was not successful. It is anti-people governments that do this shit. People’s support for BNP cannot be reduced by doing this. BNP’s unbreakable bond with the people cannot be broken.’

He said, ‘There is no effort that the government has not made to quell the agitation. By doing these, the government is revealing its own bankruptcy.

Trinamool BNP was reorganized on September 16 with BNP leader Shamser Mobin Chowdhury as Chairperson and Advocate Taimur Alam Khandkar as Secretary General. The process of bringing them to the election started from that day. After that BNM composed of some leaders who came out of BNP became active. BNP central leader Advocate Khandkar Ahsan Habib and Barrister AKM Fakhrul Islam announced a political party called Swatrang Demokratia Manch in a press conference at Sky City Hotel Lounge in Malibagh area of ​​the capital on the afternoon of November 15. They said that 125 BNP leaders will participate in the election.

The top leaders of Trinamool BNP suddenly met with the Prime Minister at Ganabhaban on Saturday. They told the Prime Minister that they will hold elections in 300 seats.

BNM suddenly called a press conference on Monday afternoon. Central leader of BNP Shah Md. Abu Zafar was made acting chairman of the party. In the press conference, it was informed that in a few days, several leaders of BNP will join BNM and take part in the elections.

According to another source, various levels of BNP leaders, especially the top leaders of the district, are being targeted to participate in the elections. In that case, a new alliance may be formed with some of the parties formed with the leaders who left BNP. Who will participate in the election.

In this context, Trinamool BNP Chairperson Shamser Mobin Chowdhury told Dhaka Times, ‘We will hold elections in 300 seats. Awami League and Jatiya Party have already started the election process. We started earlier. It is their decision who comes to the election or not. We may elect a coalition.’ Meanwhile, several central and district leaders of BNP told Dhaka Times that they have been offered to participate in the elections from the upper echelons of the government. In that case, a lot of fear is working in them. Some fear that if they do not participate in the elections as promised by the government, it will be difficult to stay in their area. However, most of the leaders did not respond to these proposals even though the party defectors and inactive people swallowed the bait.

A former BNP MP who was elected several times admitted to Dhaka Times that he had received such a proposal from the government. He said, ‘Not only did he contact me. Many former MPs like me are being contacted. Various temptations are being shown to participate in the elections. But everyone is confident in the leadership of BNP.’

Former MP of Araihazar Ataur Rahman Angur told Dhaka Times, ‘I was an MP from 1991 to 2006. I am BNP. I have been MP three times on BNP ticket. I will vote only if BNP goes to elections. I won’t do it if I don’t go.’

He said that he has not received any proposal from the government.

(Dhaka Times/21 November/JB/FA)

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