Dhaka Times Editor Dolan submitted A.League’s nomination papers for Faridpur-1 constituency

Dhaka Times Editor Dolan submitted A.League’s nomination papers for Faridpur-1 constituency
Dhaka Times Editor Dolan submitted A.League’s nomination papers for Faridpur-1 constituency

Chairman of Kanchan Munsi Foundation and Dhaka Times Editor Arifur Rahman Dolan has submitted the nomination form of Awami League to be a candidate for the upcoming 12th National Parliament Election. He is the candidate of Awami League for Faridpur-1 Constituency comprising Alphadanga, Boalmari and Madukhali upazilas.

On behalf of Dolan, his representatives submitted the nomination form at the Awami League central office on Bangabandhu Avenue on Tuesday afternoon. Earlier, he collected nomination papers for Faridpur-1 seat last Sunday. Party President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the form distribution program for Awami League candidates by collecting nomination forms for themselves on Saturday morning.

Former Vice-President of the Central Committee of Krishak League, Dhaka Times Editor Arifur Rahman Dolon has been carrying out multifaceted development activities in the important Faridpure-1 constituency for two decades.

The philanthropist personality of Faridpur established Kanchan Munshi Foundation in continuation of the welfare work of his great-grandfather Kanchan Munshi. The social service organization is relentlessly doing various types of public service work for the poor, helpless and underprivileged people of the entire region.

Kanchan Munshi Foundation has treated more than 10 thousand people in Alphadanga, Boalmari and Madukhali upazilas. Free computer training to thousands of educated unemployed youth, umbrellas distributed to more than 20 thousand farmers-laborers. Besides, they have been regularly distributing educational materials to the needy and talented poor students in various ways.

Arifur Rahman Dolan, a philanthropist born in Kamargram of Alfadanga, is the successor of the late Kanchan Munsi, the sun soldier of the ideals of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and Bangabandhu’s daughter, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. During his college life, he took up politics through Chhatra League.

Arifur Rahman Dolan has been playing a role in the development and progress of the country as a journalist in addition to his role in education, development, human resources in the entire region. He is the editor of national daily Dhaka Times, online portal Dhaka Times 24.com and weekly this time.

Dolan has been involved in the development of Faridpur-1 constituency personally and in government offices for two decades. His singular efforts led to the government-funded Technical Training Center-TTC at Kamargram, which is contributing to the creation of many skilled manpower in the entire region.

Also, Dolan is playing a role in the formation of various institutions including educational and religious institutions. Dolan’s multi-faceted initiative in renovating educational institutions, Eidgahs, graveyards and crematoriums with the generosity of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government has won the praise of millions of Faridpur-1 constituencies.

Locals say that along with the development of communication system especially roads, bridges and culverts in the three upazilas, Dolan always stands by the people like Paramatmi in various crises. Dolan is a name of dependence for the underprivileged people of the township. Dolan emphasized on self-reliance of people especially on employment. He has created livelihood resources for thousands of young, educated and working people in the welfare of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

A multipurpose auditorium or multipurpose hall with 500 seats has been built at Alfadanga in the background of the swing. Dolan founded Begum Shahanara Academy. Here the students are getting the opportunity to study completely free. Other social welfare activities of Dolan including further development of Birshrestha Abdur Rauf Memorial Complex in Madhukhali are also in the mouth of people.

As a potential candidate of Awami League in Faridpur-1 constituency, which is known as Awami League base, this seat has been swinging through various types of mass communication for the last three years. Along with the leaders and workers of Awami League, she relentlessly carried on the promotion of the development activities of Sheikh Hasina’s government.

Recently, welcoming the schedule of national elections, he said in a procession in Faridpur-1 constituency, ‘You left your own work and rushed to my support. Because you want to see the reflection of the development of the people of Faridpur-1 Constituency. Trust the Prime Minister, we will present him with a garland of victory. We want to see the reflection of the country’s development in the next election as well.’

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