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Dhaka’s air ‘unhealthy’

Dhaka’s air ‘unhealthy’
Dhaka’s air ‘unhealthy’

Black smoke from vehicles is one of the causes of air pollution in Dhaka. file image

Air pollution has been increasing in small developing cities in addition to big cities of the world for several years. However, the city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina has dangerous air pollution.

Dhaka’s air is also unhealthy on Tuesday (November 21). However, the situation in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is more dire. Today, Dhaka ranks 6th out of 108 cities in the world in terms of air pollution, the city has a score of 181.

The top five cities out of 109 cities in the world for air pollution as of 8 am include Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hanoi in Vietnam, Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan and Delhi in India. This information is obtained from IQAir’s Air Quality Index (AQI). Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city scores 284 on the worst pollution list. It is followed by Vietnam’s Hanoi province with a score of 209, Pakistan’s Karachi with a score of 207 and another Pakistani city Lahore with a score of 199. India’s Delhi is in fifth place with a score of 182. Next is Dhaka with a score of 181. At the same time, Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia have the cleanest air in the world. The scores of these two cities are 4 and 7 respectively.


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