The price of the launch has increased due to strike-blockade

The price of the launch has increased due to strike-blockade
The price of the launch has increased due to strike-blockade

The strike and blockade called by BNP-Jamaat across the country increased the value of the launch journey. At this time passengers have chosen launch as the only safe vehicle. Due to which the number of passengers has increased for several days. Due to the blockade of the strike, passengers are rushing to the launch due to the danger of traveling by bus or road. Launches have left from Barisal Launch Ghat in various districts including Barisal Bhola since Monday morning.

It can be seen from the ground that the launch movement is normal at Barisal launch ghat. However, the number of passengers has decreased slightly compared to normal. However, the number of passengers on the Dhaka Barisal route leaving on Sunday night was more. Jahidul Islam, a passenger going to Dhaka, said that the car is running, but today I think it is safer to travel by boat than by car. There is some fear of strike among themselves. I am traveling with this fear. I did not find any obstacle to come from Bakerganj. Although the streets were slightly less crowded than usual.

Rashida Begum, another passenger of the Bhola launch, said, “We are very alarmed by the violence that has been going on across the country for a few days. The launch is going on so I thought I should go home. Although the number of passengers is less, the launch is leaving on time.

Kabir Hossain, Traffic Inspector of Naval Safety and Traffic Management Department of BIWTA Barisal Office, said that launches have left on internal routes on various routes including Bhola since morning. Dhaka launches will also leave at night. We are not seeing any impact here due to strike.

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