A.League is looking for a ‘partner’ in the polling field

A.League is looking for a ‘partner’ in the polling field
A.League is looking for a ‘partner’ in the polling field

BNP and their allies are adamant about not going to polls despite the schedule. In such a situation Awami League is strategic to make the election participatory. The ruling party wants to bring as many parties as possible to the polls to avoid criticism from national and international circles.

For this purpose, they are conducting various activities to increase their ‘partners’ in the electoral journey along with their own vote preparation. Various discussions and reconciliation processes are going on behind the scenes and behind the scenes. Out of the 44 registered political parties in the country, 15 parties have already welcomed the schedule. The 14 party partners and the parties that had previously elected as part of the Grand Alliance have also started preparations for the elections. A number of alliances and parties not registered with the EC have also entered the fray.

Besides, Awami League wants to bring the 12 parties who have not yet clarified their position on the election to the polling field. At the same time, the ruling party is trying to keep in touch with the parties that are against the vote and allied to the BNP movement. Awami League wants to keep the parties that believe in the spirit of freedom and liberation war especially.

Besides, the party has also increased communication with the big leaders of small pro-independence parties. Two-four of them have already publicly stated their positive position in the polls. Leaders at the highest policy-making level of Awami League say that everything cannot be said now due to strategic reasons. Will be informed in due course. As they do not want to hide about it, they are also not willing to say anything in advance.

When asked, Awami League’s advisory council member and central 14-party spokesperson Amir Hossain told Amu Jugantar that Awami League will participate in the next 12th national parliament election as a 14-party alliance. Our alliance leader, Awami League President Prime Minister will sit with the leaders of the partner parties and discuss the seat sharing and other issues and take the final decision very soon. When asked whether the size of the 14 parties will increase or whether the Awami League will form an alliance or grand alliance with anyone else, he refused to comment.

Meanwhile, Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader hinted at the participation of many parties and individuals in the election before the deadline for submission of nomination papers in a press conference organized to give an official response after the schedule. He said, the next few days are very important.

Last date for submission of nomination form is 30th November. How many flowers will bloom in it? And the winter has come, the time to bloom some flowers has also come. Where any flowers are blooming now, will suddenly wake up. wait Awami League will be a party or coalition election and whether there will be a Jatiya Party? In response to such question, he said, we are monitoring the situation. You will know in time.

Meanwhile, despite not accepting the demands of the opposition including the BNP, the Awami League leaders have been saying since the beginning that they want all political parties including the BNP to participate in the next election. Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself urged all political parties to participate in the election after announcing the schedule. Other leaders of the policy-making level of the party also said that Awami League will not be an obstacle for anyone. For those who abuse them day and night, the election door is not closed. Leaders of the party also said that Awami League is not encouraging anyone to stay away from the elections.

Meanwhile, Awami League has announced to hold elections with the partners of the 14-party alliance. Apart from this, in addition to some parties that were in the grand coalition in the previous elections, some newly formed parties are also interested in election in alliance with Awami League. Since BNP is not in the field and Awami League will come back to power, these parties want to tie the knot with Awami League. However, the ruling parties have not yet reached an agreement on seat sharing with anyone outside the alliance. In the meantime, Awami League has also started the process of selecting their party candidates. The sale and submission of party nomination forms has started from Saturday. The partner parties of the 14 parties have also started finalizing their candidates.

However, Bangladesh Awami League has announced that it will participate in the alliance within the allotted time (till Saturday afternoon) set by the Election Commission, even if the seats are not shared. Apart from this, Jatiya Party (JP), Samyavadi Dal (ML), Demokrati Party, Alternative Movement Bangladesh, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal-JSAD, Workers Party of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Tarikat Federation and Trinamool BNPO have also informed the EC to vote in alliance. Two letters have been sent to the EC by the Jatiya Party. As per the rules, the returning officer allots symbols to rival candidates after withdrawal of candidature. He will assign a symbol subject to the consent of the concerned party if he is in alliance. The symbol will be mentioned next to the candidate’s name on the ballot paper.

Leaders of Trinamool BNP held a meeting with Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday. Coming out of the meeting, they said that the Trinamool BNP is participating in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. However, Trinamool BNP Chairperson Shamser Mubin Chowdhury announced to go to the elections on November 16. They have already started preparing for the vote. The party has also started selling party nomination forms. The nomination form of the party will be sold till November 25. At the same time, the party nomination aspirants will also be interviewed from 10 am on November 21.

The Islamic Oikyazot has already announced to go to the polls. Mufti Faizullah, Secretary General of Oikyajot, said in a press conference at the Zahur Hossain Chowdhury Hall of the Jatiya Press Club on Monday afternoon, that Islami Oikyajot has decided to participate in the 12th National Parliament elections, trusting the promise of the Election Commission (EC) to organize free and fair elections. They also urged the commission to reorganize the schedule considering the short preparation time as per the announced schedule. Islamic Front Bangladesh has decided to participate in the elections. They will contest the election with the party symbol ‘Chair’. The party will start distribution of party nomination form from today Tuesday.

Sultan Mansoor was the former Vice President (VP) of Dhaka University Central Student Union (DACSU) and the former central leader of Awami League. Dr. before the last election. Jatiya Oikya Front was formed under the leadership of Kamal Hossain. He also became a member of the alliance’s top policy-making forum steering committee. He was elected as a candidate of Jatiya Oikya Front by contesting on the symbol of rice grain of BNP. This time, Sultan Mansur has already expressed his interest to run as a candidate of Awami League.

Quader Siddiqui met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganobhaban with his family on the eve of the last national conference of Awami League. He also attended the party’s conference the next day. Since then, various discussions have started whether Kader Siddiqui is returning to Awami League. But in the end it didn’t happen anymore. He is still with his party Krishak Sramik Janata League. However, this time he also hinted about participating in the national parliament elections.

A source of Awami League says that regardless of who is discussing with the alliance or outside the alliance, Awami League is not finalizing anything about the seats. Because Awami League has alternative ideas if BNP does not come to the polls. In that case, it is being thought to keep some seats open. Those seats will be left to like-minded political parties outside the electoral alliance of Awami League. There is also a thought of giving weak candidates in those seats without leaving the seats open. It is assumed that Awami League voters will vote for like-minded party candidates.

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