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Why does Shakib want to become an MP?


Any job has a process. Symbolically speaking, the land has to be created first. Then sowing seeds, application of fertilizers. Seedling growth, handling from storms. The fruit is then harvested on the tree and eaten when ripe. In general, the process of politics should be like this.

But Shakib Al Hasan, the biggest star of Bangladesh cricket, did not do that. He wants to eat the fruit directly from the ripe fruit tree. Or he expects the fruit to appear in front of him, he just spoons it into his mouth.

Shakib is a role model for many of our youth. They follow his life and work and want to learn from him. Shakib will set a good example, that is expected. But sadly, good ideals are not reflected here.

However, it is not certain that politics should always be followed by the same process. If the intention is good, honest, then good wishes can be given in all cases, in all situations.

And there is nothing wrong with cricket stars, film stars joining politics, trying to become MPs. There are many examples in our neighboring country India. Cricket stars, actors and actresses, models—how many have become MPs. They have sometimes created controversy and sometimes humor. Many are doing well again.

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