Resisting BNP-Jamaat anarchy on the streets

Resisting BNP-Jamaat anarchy on the streets
Resisting BNP-Jamaat anarchy on the streets

Chittagong: Demonstrations called by BNP-Jamaat have been held across the country against illegal strikes, blockades and anarchy.

On Monday (November 20) morning, the Awami League candidate for Chittagong 11 (Bandar-Patenga) constituency and Mahanagar Jubo League vice-president Debashish Pal Debu led the procession, which started from Agrabad Jamburi Mat Chatwar and met in a rally in front of Badamatali Police Outpost.

Under the chairmanship of Jubo League leader Tipu Khan and under the direction of Arman and Swaib, General Secretary of Chittagong Port CBA Naibul Islam Fatik, Sufiur Rahman Tipu, Imtiaz Babla, Farhad Abdullah, Md. Ismail, Sajjad Ali Jewel, Md Emran Hossain Md. Sharif, Aminul Islam, Sarwar Hossain, Sajibul Islam Sajib, Hossain Ahmad Kiran, Farooq Hossain Sumon, Ismail Huron, Amir Hossain Jewel, Shahjahan Bappi, Md. Monir, Ramzan Ali, Abu Nacher Jewel, Zia Uddin Munna, Md. Didar, Nazrul Islam, Shaon Sarkar, Nur Uddin Russell, Vibhu Dev Nath etc.

At that time, Jubo League leader Debashish Pal Debu said that BNP-Jamaat wants to thwart the election through sabotage.

Wants to harm people’s lives and property. They want to destabilize the country. We are carrying out a peaceful stand program to protect people’s lives and property against their violence. We are on high alert on the highway.

Bangladesh Time: 2230 hours, November 20, 2023

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