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There is widespread irregularity in the appointment of teachers in Chosi

There is widespread irregularity in the appointment of teachers in Chosi
There is widespread irregularity in the appointment of teachers in Chosi

There have been allegations of widespread irregularities in the appointment of 10 head teachers and 27 assistant head teachers in various educational institutions of Chittagong City Corporation (CHASIC). In the notification, there was no opportunity for non-MPO teachers to apply, but six were appointed. On the other hand, MPO teachers were not appointed despite passing the written examination in several educational institutions. In this, the service organization will lose at least 5 crore rupees.

Not only that, two people have been appointed in place of one vacant post in an educational institution. Allegedly, the concerned officials of Chasik have recruited ‘incompetents’ by excluding qualified and MPO teachers through nepotism and financial transactions. There is extreme anger among the general teachers of Chasik-run educational institutions.

According to sources, on May 4, a notification was issued for the recruitment of 37 posts of head teachers and assistant head teachers for 32 educational institutions in Chasik. One of the conditions of the notification was that the applicant must be a teacher under MPO. Even the applicant has to submit the copy of the first and last MPO of the previous school. Questions have been raised in various circles as to how the non-MPO teachers applied and got appointed despite such notification. For these six non-MPO teachers, Chasik has to pay at least five crore rupees. Because these 6 posts have been occupied by MPO teachers, the salary and festival allowance of non-MPO teachers will cost about Tk 400,000 per year. According to this, about five crore rupees will be spent on 6 teachers till retirement in minimum 15 years. However, if MPO teachers were appointed, each would receive an average of 30,000 rupees from the government. Besides, in the notification published, Saraipara City Corporation High School has asked for the appointment of one assistant head teacher, but two have been appointed there. There are also allegations of major irregularities. Appointment of separate teachers in two shifts of the school will add several crores of rupees to the subsidy sector of the corporation. At least 10 teachers of Chasik have been debarred from being appointed as Assistant Headmasters. All of them have passed the written test for recruitment in multiple institutions but they have been excluded. Among them, Mrinal Kanti Nath, a senior teacher of Saraipara City Corporation High School in the city, applied for the post of assistant headmaster in 8 schools according to the conditions of the recruitment circular. He also passed the written examination in 8 institutions held separately (Saraipara, Kattali, Haji Abdul Ali, Shahid Nagar, Hossain Ahmed, Bagmaniram, Jamalkhan Kusumkumari and Dakshin Patenga). However, due to unknown reasons, this teacher under MPO was not appointed. Similarly, the senior teachers under MPO of Baluardighi City Corporation High School were not appointed in 7 schools (Baluardighi, Patharghata Menka, Charchaktai, Haji Abdul Ali, Hussain Ahmed, Mohabbat Ali and Ayub Bibi) after passing. Besides, Tapan Debnath, senior teacher of Halisahar Mohabbat Ali City Corporation High School in five schools (Kattali, Purva Baklia, Ayub Bibi, Aparnacharan and Shailbala) and Ajay Chakraborty, senior teacher of East Baklia City Corporation Girls High School and College in four schools (Baluardighi, Charchaktai, Bagmaniram and Shaheed Nagar). Despite clearing the written exam, he did not get appointed in any of them. On the other hand, 6 non-MPO teachers have been appointed as assistant head teachers despite not having the eligibility to apply.

The six appointed are Akhtar Hossain of Shailbala City Corporation School, Fatehabad, Syed Karim of Baluardighi City Corporation High School, Nurul Aziz of East Madarbari City Corporation Girls High School, Sekander Pasha of Bagmaniram Abdur Rashid City Corporation High School, ATM Golam Mosta of Kapasgola City Corporation Girls High School. Fa and Saraipara City Bilkis Jahan in Corporation High School.

Chasik Chief Executive Officer Sheikh Muhammad Touhidul Islam told Jugantar that Chasik provides many subsidies in the education sector. Due to this, a notification was issued for the recruitment of MPO teachers. However, the non-MPO teachers have also been given the opportunity in view of the request to the mayor for the opportunity to apply.

The article is in Bengali

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