Jamaat’s procession-picketing in the capital during the strike

Jamaat’s procession-picketing in the capital during the strike
Jamaat’s procession-picketing in the capital during the strike

On the second day of the hartal yesterday, the leaders and activists of Dhaka Metropolis South and North Jamaat held protest processions and picketing at various spots in the capital.
Dhaka Metropolitan North: Under the leadership of Nasir Uddin, member of Dhaka Metropolitan North Working Council, a procession and picketing was organized by the initiative of Pallavi region. The activists protested by blocking the road at Mirpur 11:30 bus stand.
Leaders and activists of Kafrul region picketed and marched in support of the hartal in Mirpur’s Sheora neighborhood under the leadership of Metropolitan Working Council member S Alam Tutul.
Under the leadership of Mirpur South Police Station Amir Advocate Abdul Hamid, a member of the Shura in the Dhaka Metropolitan North Majlis, the procession started from Kalyanpur bus stand and circled around the main road and ended in front of the Central Mosque. Jamaat workers have marched and picketed at Moghbazar intersection on the initiative of Hatirjheel police station branch under the leadership of Shura member MJ Rahman in Dhaka Metropolitan North Majlis. The procession started from the intersection and ended at the Moghbazar Wireless Railgate. In support of the hartal, a protest march and rally was held in Mohammadpur area under the leadership of Mohammadpur West Police Station Secretary Masuduzzaman.

At the initiative of Uttara West region, the protest march led by Shura members SK Ratan and Md. Salim in Mahanagari Majlis ended with a short rally by circling various roads of Uttara area adjacent to the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway. A large number of activists and supporters participated in the procession along with Jamaat and Shibir leaders of various police stations. Apart from this, Jamaat held protest and picketing program in Bhatara, Rampura.
Dhaka Metropolitan South: A protest march and picketing was held at Jatrabari Kajlarpara under the leadership of Md. Hafizur Rahman, member of the Working Council of Dhaka Metropolitan South. Leaders and activists marched on Bangbazar Fire Service Road under the leadership of Dhaka Metropolitan South Working Council member Kamrul Ahsan Hasan. Apart from this, Jamaat held marches and pickets in Shahjahanpur and Demra. In this regard, Central Executive Council Member and Amir of Dhaka Metropolitan South Nurul Islam Bulbul expressed strong condemnation, protest and deep concern over the detention of eight people from different places by the police administration in a statement.

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